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Reviewed by westsideschl7 / 10

Only Thing Missing Were Dragons

A Japanese mostly fantasy action telling of how the warring states (~400BCE) were soon to become a single state under Qin called China. Another immense scale production where at one brief point we see (by a character's account 80,000 warriors, but I counted a little over 103,000) anyway, it's mostly very fantasy sword play where a deposed leader comes back w/an odd lot to regain the crown from a nasty brother & potentially unite the kingdoms. The only thing missing in this drama was a cameo by a dragon. Seemed very China censorship positive of a founding country nationalism tale of good over evil, but just as likely it's bad/evil over badder/eviler.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

A Kingdom for ... a Kingdom?

Now I do have a soft spot for Shaw Brothers movies. And while this isn't one, the nostalgia might creep up while watching this. It's quite a throwback to the glory days of Eastern movies. That also means, this has some major flaws, as did the "originals". Characters are a bit thinly drawn, but there is so much action happening you might not mind anyway.

Stunts, action and camera work are really good. The predictibility of the story does not matter that much or rather shouldn't matter that much. You know what this is, treat and watch it as such

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks8 / 10

Good Enough

As one of the most anticipated movies of 2019, " Kingdom " did not disappoint.

Maybe I should start with those things that I didn't really like about this movie. First of all, there were some scenes were the movie was trying to be too much of an anime live action and so the performances were over the top. Also, the ending was not as magnificent as the whole movie was paving it to be. It just felt too easy, too simple. But there is still room for improvement, as the story left some things unsolved.

Overall, the movie was entertaining, nevertheless. The performances were pretty good and the action scenes well choreographed and enjoyable. The CGI were good too and the story's pace was fast and suited the mood of the movie.

So, eight out of ten.

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