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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by d_adair3 / 10

This is not good with spoilers

Try and follow along because this plot is full of holes. Let's be clear even stupid people don't act this way. A soccer team is celebrating a victory at the beach. The goalie is being a party pooper. We never find out why, but the whole team apparently starts drinking though the beer cans look like grocery store brand lemon soda. The goalie dies I guess because she gets drunk and drowns. Instead of calling for help they push her out to sea and get rid of her car (not sure how they accomplish this as there was apparently no budget for those scenes. Why do they do this? They don't want to lose their scholarships to big time U. New girl shows up in town and takes over at goalie. She grows suspicious of what happened to the last goalie so she starts investigating on her own. She is troubled because her parents are divorcing. Also someone mysteriously steals the seat off her bicycle. Two other team members wind up hurt by some mysterious person. The coach gives what is supposed to be a rousing pep talk and tells the girls to hold hands and wade into the ocean. Somehow this brings the team together. It is clear the writers had zero ideas. New girl really starts poking around now though she never quite figures it out until she overhears the entire evil plan of the team's captain who is sleeping with the coach. That'd be creepy except the actors are all clearly pushing 30. Suddenly a police detective shows up after bloody clothes are found in the new girl's locker. This cop is not only incompetent, but seems to just fill up screen time doing nothing. He eventually disappears from the movie and you're left wondering why this character was ever there. Also the mom meets a new bf. In typical Lifetime fashion he is handsome, rich, and unattached. The new girl hates him. She need not worry because he just disappears from the movie too. Enter the father. His role is to show up with the mom and take a bullet at the exact moment the bad guy coach is going to kill his "teenage" lover and frame the new girl. New girl hooks up with hunky fellow student who I think was the bf of a teammate who is now in a coma. None of this makes sense. It all ends happily as new girl becomes a world class goalie, dad becomes the new soccer coach (no mention is made of him being shot) and mom is seen now with a new bf who has only showed up in the last 5 minutes. No one loses their scholarships to Harvard because of underage drinking or hiding the body of a dead girl. Cue happy good time music and roll credits. This is bad. They changed the title (never a good sign). I guess Lifetime needs to fill the schedule, but it is hard to figure out who will enjoy this. It has no respect for its audience and is hackneyed and boring.

Reviewed by gab-675997 / 10

Not Bad

For a typical LM this one was not bad. Beautiful and interesting lead made this movie likeable. More for ppl who like soccer and high school drama. But be ready to check your logic at the door because some of the things the mother did made 0 sense!

Reviewed by Chartreuse15 / 10

Another soccer high school whodunit!

Jenna and her mom move to a new town for her job and Jenna is a high school star soccer player who discovers that one of her teammates drowned and she's asked to take her place. Then another girl is pushed off a balcony and another turns up dead. Will Jenna be next? Who is causing these events and why? The acting was pretty bad and the story similar to other. Lifetime movies. You can skip Strike Her Dead! Nothing exciting.....

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