Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material


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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by killercola9 / 10

One star reviews are exactly who Jimmy offended

It's hilarious after you watch this special that will be the first thing that comes to your mind. These one star reviews were literally his point about people who get offended at everything and go on the attack. This show was nothing short of brilliant, original and very funny. But if you're, as Jimmy would say, "fine China" and easily offended then skip this one. It's definitely not for weak people. Which is what makes it so refreshing, the humor is hardcore but very funny. Bravo, Mr. Carr.

Reviewed by TreeFiddy538 / 10

Not for everyone, but 8/10 for me.

This was my first Jimmy Carr special and it is full of various types of (very cleverly written) one-liners that you'll either absolutely enjoy or totally hate.

If dark and 'offensive' comedy is your thing, you should check this out. If you like standup but this style isn't your thing, stay away from this unless you want to get your BP high.

Reviewed by damianphelps7 / 10

Don't Whinge He Literally Warns The Viewer

Im sure much of the complaining about the material in this special is just to drum up interest. Sure he says some out there things but comedy should have an edge.

I would prefer someone say really dark things than do them (Mr Cosby).

Its like anything 'offensive' if you don't like it exercise the option to give it a miss.

The heckling section was a bit lame (because the audience had nothing to offer) but some of his other material very funny :)

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