Jesse Stone: Stone Cold


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Viola Davis as Molly Crane
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Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
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Mimi Rogers as Rita Fiore
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Jane Adams as Brianna Lincoln
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing8 / 10

Rather lonely figure

Being a fan of Blue Bloods and seeing several of Tom Selleck's films as Jesse Stone to me it's proof what a great actor Tom Selleck has become. You couldn't find more different characters than the patriarch of the law enforcement family Frank Reagan with as strong a support system with said family with Jesse Stone the rather lonely figure who is police chief of a Massachusetts coastal town. Jesse for one reason or another can't keep attachments when he makes them. He does acquire one though that will last through the series, a dog who was owned by one of the murder victims here.

A man is found with two bullets in his chest on the beach and a few more victims show up as well with same M.O. No other clues. But Stone has got some real good instincts and after a lot of patient investigation he zeroes in on a pair of thrill killers.

The other case his department is working on is a gang rape of a 14 year old with accompanying pictures that the boys who did this threaten the young girl Alex Dienza if she rats them out. One of the deputies Viola Davis takes this one real personal. Just beautiful how she nails the ringleader of the gang rape in boy's room.

Other noteworthy performance is from Mimi Rogers who plays the attorney for the punk and his family who has a job to do, but really dislikes her clients. Also from the chief punk Shawn Roberts.

This was an excellent beginning for the Jesse Stone series.

Reviewed by Prismark106 / 10

Random acts

Stone Cold made in 2005 was the first film in the Jesse Stone series of films adapted from the novels written by Robert Parker.

Confusingly the next film Night Passage served as a prequel of Jess Stone, a high profile police detective with a drinking problem arriving to small town of Paradise in Massachusetts.

Tom Selleck is the world weary Stone, a recovering alcoholic with an ex wife almost starting out again in Paradise as the police chief.

Paradise is plagued with a random shooter who is getting personal with Chief Stone as his girlfriend is targeted. Jess Stone suspects a smarmy couple renting a house but he needs to prove it.

There is also the shocking case of a high school student who is gang raped and threatened by fellow students. When he arrests one of the kids he has to deal with the angry father and their expensive attorney.

There is not much mystery in this film. We quickly find out what happened to girl at school and the suspects are quickly identified. As for the random shooter, again Jess Stone realises who the suspects may be so it is case of how they get caught.

It is a character piece about Stone himself, a flawed man who is a good cop with principles. The opening film was good, a slow burner but not dull although in real life such high profile shootings in a small town will have the FBI and mass media crawling all over the place.

Reviewed by trpdean10 / 10


Tom Selleck is one of the finest and most appealing American actors. Moreover, whenever I've seen or read an interview with him, heard DVD commentary by him, I am really struck by his modesty, how well he listens to others, his tact and courtesy, his intelligence, and his knowledge. This is a very smart and kind man.

I never saw the (apparently legendary) Magnum series (I was always at work in those days!) and so really know him from the appearances on Friends, his superb westerns and these two wonderful Robert Parker movies.

And he's just so very interesting to watch - he's so down to earth, he's the least "grand thespian" of anyone. This character and Selleck's performance - remind me of many of Robert Mitchum's roles actually - and that's really meant as a compliment.

This movie is not a "who done it" - when we hear Selleck as a psychologically damaged, taciturn problem drinker small town police chief, identify whom he "knows" did the crime(s) - it is stated matter of factly, anti-climactically. So if you're looking for an Agatha Christie kind of puzzler, this isn't it.

But what you do have is a movie that is haunting - an extraordinary film depicting natural beauty and moral poverty. And you have superb performances by Selleck and by the culprits. (I was very impressed by their casting - their accents, their manner, their movement - were absolutely perfectly compelling and right). Polly Shannon is a charming, lovely beauty who interacts very well with Selleck. You likle seeing them together - they just fit.

Finally - and not least - you have Mimi Rogers - beautiful, astonishingly sexy, sophisticated, humane - and with one of the greatest voices of any actress.

There's a lot in this - wonderful dialogue, real wit - just not a complex plot (however one you've seen it, question how the climax came about - how the final setting was chosen - what clues were deliberately given to put people in that place).

This was a hugely popular movie on American television - enough that they created an equally good "prequel" in "Night Passage".

I hope they make many more - though I've mixed feelings about this typecasting Selleck being typecast -- when he can do so much.

I really recommend this one. It's just superb.

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