Jailbreak Lovers


Drama / Thriller

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Catherine Bell as Toby / wife
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Tom Stevens as John / prisoner
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Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10


On the surface, "Jailbreak Lovers" is about a daring prison escape of a man serving a life sentence. But the core of the film is really about his enabler, Toby Lynn.

Toby married her husband as a teen. Now in middle age, she is leading a suffocating life filled with loneliness and unfilled expectations she never realized she had...until she met the smooth-talking prisoner, John.

John is a real charmer, and it does not take long for Toby to give in. As their "relationship" blossoms through use of a cell phone, their plans pick up steam to get John out of the slammer. Of course, the plan is amateur to the degree that the police detectives are laughing like schoolboys at how easy it is to track them down in Tennessee.

It was a stretch to believe that Toby would have the freedom to roam at will around the prison facility, including storage areas where she could meet privately with John. But this lack of credibility was compensated by the luminous performance of Catherine Bell as Toby. The performer made it possible to suspend disbelief and understand how Toby Lynn was, for the first time in her life, able to experience liberation. The title of memoir of the real Toby Lynn is not surprising: "Unleashed."

Reviewed by Chartreuse18 / 10

The Crate Escape!

Catherine Bell, stars as Toby, who finds herself in a stale 30-yr marriage who works for a nonprofit that takes in stray dogs and trains them as rescue dogs for a prison program. Enter John, who's a lifer that has a way with the dogs and Toby is impressed and they become fast friends and soon lovers but John wants to break out of prison so he and Toby could be together and she smuggles him out in a dog crate. This was a very good movie with strong leads and a good script based on a true story. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by hoops-534362 / 10

What a stupid waste of time

Where do I start? Well I guess with the way the film goes to the extreme to make the husband look like a goober. Anyone who has ever been around a prison that holds murderers knows that everything that goes in and out is completely searched. An inmate in a dog crate- c'mon. Not going to be happening. And the way they made it all into a big game. So, OK, the woman is a dingbat that really doesn't care about her family and is willing to help a murderer (who she knows literally nothing about) escape and run off with. If you can look past all this, I suppose you can buy into the movie. And the crap about the original plan being they fornicate for a couple of months and then she goes home.....only a weak mind would think that- or believe that.

If you are looking for a fantasy world movie that has very little connection to possibilities, this might be the movie for you. If, however, you like you movies to have some semblance of reality, skip this and spend your two hours doing something productive.

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