Jailbreak Pact

2020 [SPANISH]

Action / Drama / Thriller

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Reviewed by faer_kr6 / 10


A Chilean drama based on real events. Quality. Hard. Entertaining The time spectacularly recreated. Performances at the level but nothing relevant. Is a thought more dangerous than a real crime? This movie explores pretty well what happens to people who rise up against governments. In fact it uses the formula of "The night of 12 years" The only problem at times is the language that gets run over. Talk about corruption and what happens to those who try to rise up against the government.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic8 / 10

How El Chapo got inspired

It's very rare that a newb filmmaker hits the mark, especially when wearing the writer, director, editor and producer hats. But Chilean filmmaker David Albala hit it out of the ballpark. This is his first full length feature film, with less than a handful of shorts and docs, and imo, he did better than films I've seen lately from seasoned filmmakers.

The cinematography, camera angles and score were outstanding. Using only a prison location for most of the setting, it was utilized and shot perfectly. The casting was excellent, with convincing performances. Even the clothes, hair and mustaches were on point with the era. The pacing was decent for the 135 min runtime, but it could've used a pick-up in some acts and/or the runtime cut down 15-20 mins.

Otherwise, an excellently assembled presentation inspired by real events. The newspaper covers during the ending credits was a great decision - you will laugh at one of them. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me. To see my review criteria and more of my 1000+ ratings and reviews, click on my username. But first, see this little Chilean gem!

Reviewed by ops-525357 / 10

you can eat this...

And bite the dust later, because the claustrophobia reall took hold on me. its a jailbreakdrama, folloming the generics og the genre, and i suppose it has to be so, because everybody knows what happens and therefore nothing really new for others to copy.

its sweat and there a stamina, like a workoutscheme toward the olympic games, the actors do a fine job and some of the filmographic standards are pretty high. not too steady editing, but with music that gives the real feel, and a plot that i think filled the playtime very sufficently.

well, a prison made of bricks cant block real daredevils , and a low staff numvber its even more defensless, so with patience my friend everything goes well. an ok film...

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