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Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

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Reviewed by hakipek8 / 10

dark and humorous

although it is too hard to provide humor and dark tones in a film at the same time without creating an unwatchable Kafkaesque comedy ( we have tones of very bad examples of Cohen brothers-like screenplays even coming from themselves) , brilliant screenplay with great directing and acting make it so easy to eyes. it takes you in a roller coaster of colorful characters who welcome you at the first 10 minutes and let you become one of them, eat, starve and thrill at the same time. director and writer Tolga Karacelik has vivid style and sense of humor that are all his own and he sets his benchmarks for his future titles in this movie. must see!

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan9 / 10

Poison Ivy.

Despite being aware of the vast quantity of films that the country has made, I have somehow never had the chance to take a glimpse of Turkish cinema. Seeing this title chosen for the main part of the ICM Film Fest,I got set for my first taste of Turkish delight.

The plot:

Making preparations for the ship to reach port, captain Beybaba gets a call revealing that the shipping company has gone bust,and that the owner of the ship has run off. Wanting to get paid for the job,Beybaba is told that in order to get paid,the ship must not stop at port,and a handful of crew must remain on ship. Waving goodbye to most of the crew,Beybaba and the remaining crew buckle down to carry basic work out on the anchored ship. Finding their time waiting for their wage on the ship to grow from weeks to months,the crew start getting frustrated, and feelings in the ship become as poisonous as ivy.

View on the film:

Working on actual ships before going behind the camera, writer/director Tolga Karaçelik & cinematographer Gökhan Tiryaki crank up an incredibly isolated atmosphere that follows crew members down cramp corridors that have a submarine-level depth of limitation,and the jagged hammering of metal on the soundtrack catching the eerie silence at sea. Leaving a bare bones crew on deck, Karaçelik initially uses wide-shots to give each of them a relative level of space over the first few weeks, which get gradually worn-down by stylishly closing in on the outbursts of tension,as the crew become wrapped in a supernatural chill.

Drilling into the frustrations of each crew member, the screenplay by Tolga Karaçelik casts the net to the thoughtful allegorical, with the chain of command being a battle between the corrupt elite, (who care so little for the crew,that they are prepared to leave them strained for months) and the worker caught in the daily grind of the machine,with the ghostly shadow of an "independent" Kurd always in the background. While exploring the allegorical, Karaçelik does not let any cracking tension to seep out into the water,as the crews times on the ship turns into that of a hostage situation,gripped by them waiting for the payment to arrive for their freedom, as ivy climbs up the walls of the ship.

Reviewed by w-vds9 / 10

Right on Time

If you're a thinker, this film is definitely on your watch list with high(est) priority. If you're not really a thinker, this film might have the power to inspire you to do so anyway.. so be warned!

The timing seems to be perfect; the message it tries to convey is delightfully relevant to the confusing times of today. Tolga Karaçelik had the capacity to see this enabling him to crystallize this vision graciously weaving it into a beautiful form; a film that speaks vividly not only to the eye but also to the mind and emotions of the receiver. You will be challenged!

What do you do if the the root of the problem has grown so thick that it seems impossible to eradicate it without the requirement of suffering and sacrifice? What will it take to inspire, enable us to move forward again when we're stuck, stranded and have no heading?

Tolga Karaçelik has proved himself to be a gifted story teller. His voice strikes true and with strength yet remains grounded in its efficient and charming simplicity.

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