Itinerary of a Spoiled Child

1988 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Drama

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Jean-Paul Belmondo as Sam Lion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brogmiller7 / 10

"I took a short cut and got lost."

Jean-Paul Belmondo who left us this year, was indisputably one of France's best loved stars but only when playing a particular type of role. Time stops for no man and his popularity dimmed when making the transition from action hero to character actor.

He had worked previously with director Claude Lelouch on 'L'Homme qui me plait' and by all accounts did not take much pursuading to appear in this as he was strongly drawn to the character of Sam Lion, head of a business empire whose desire to 'escape' from his world causes him to fake his own death.

His grizzled, eccentric, understated performance is arguably his best and won him a much-deserved César which, typically, he declined to collect. His best scenes by far are those with the interesting Richard Anconina as Albert, a chance meeting with whom has far-reaching consequences for them both. The scene where Sam gives Al a few pointers on how to play the game of life is priceless. Anconina had previously made an impression in 'Tchao Pantin' for Claude Berri. Sam's daughter is sympathetically played by the director's wife Marie-Sophie L. Great to see one of the 'golden oldies' Daniel Gélin, in such good form as Albert's father.

The film itself is not without its weaknesses but these are outweighed by its strengths. It contains flashes of brilliance, touching moments, haunting images and a splendid score by the sine qua non of Lelouch films, Francis Lai.

As for Monsieur Belmondo best to leave the final words to Lelouch himself: "Cinema is dominated by stars you like from the very beginning."

Reviewed by Floresco7 / 10

French delight

This is not the best movie you might ever see, but it still is very refreshing. Of course, it has it's flaws, it has it's humbling moments and yet at the same time it's different from all the sh*t you're used to and is funny in a way only the french can give you this. You might recognize a little from the masterpiece Amelie, when you see the opening. I give it 7 out of 10, but still reccomend it to you if you're tired of the usual bore you can rent in the videostore.

Reviewed by csagne10 / 10

Jean Paul Belmondo's best role

Sam Lion (Jean Paul Belmondo) discovers he needs to take some time off as everybody around him relies to much on him and stages his own death. When he discovers those he loved ans still loves are in need, he gets Albert Duvivier (Richard Anconina) to help them. In search of his own past, of his own desires, this fabulous film by Claude Lelouch is a man's quest for himself at a ripe age.

Built like all Lelouch films, the film's beginning with constant flashbacks may be puzzling, especially scenes where Paul Belmondo (who looks a huge lot like his father) is playing a young Sam Lion while Sam Lion stands in the same room - a flashback sequence which takes a second to grasp.

One of Lelouch's most elaborate works, L'itineraire d'un infant gate is a must-see tale of self fulfilment.

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