Iron Jawed Angels


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Hilary Swank Photo
Hilary Swank as Alice Paul
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Vera Farmiga as Ruza Wenclawska
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Laura Fraser as Doris Stevens
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Patrick Dempsey as Ben Weissman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cherold8 / 10

Suffragettes brought to life

Very entertaining and affecting story of women's struggle for the vote. Rather than the period-piece drama one would get on a BBC show about the movement, this portrays very modern, very impassioned women. The director is determined to avoid any hint of stuffiness, and at times the gimmicky camera work seems there not to further the story but just to make sure this works for the MTV generation, but the result is a dynamic and entertaining movie. I've never heard much of anything about the women's suffrage movement and it is interesting to see how it played out and to learn a little about the movie's impassioned heroine Alice Paul and her struggle both with the patriarchy and with the more cautious suffragettes. She seems to have been a fascinating woman, and judging from her photographs, almost as cute as Hillary Swank.

Reviewed by mikeyrooroo10 / 10

Brilliant! Moving! Amazing!

This movie was amazing! I have never known much of the Women's Suffrage, other than there was some protesting and women finally got to vote sometime early 1900s. This movie changed all that...

The first time I saw it, I only saw the last 30 minutes and was completely engaged. Hilary Swank and Frances O'Connor were fabulous portraying Alice Paul and Lucy Burns. They portrayed so much passion and determination. I immediately checked out when the next showing was so I could see the whole thing.

The first while was a little slow, but sets the stage for the climax. The use of new age music with 1910s fashions were a nice contrast, bringing the attitudes and mood of that time into a present day reality.

The script was so well written. Not only was it easy to follow, but very accurate as much as I can determine. After viewing the movie, I rushed out to my public library and checked out several books on the suffrage. So far what I've read is congruent with the movie.

It's so awe-inspiring to think what these brave women went through to give us a vote. I can't wait until this becomes available on DVD-I will definitely be buying it as soon as that happens.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci8 / 10

A Worthy and Inspirational Work

Most Folks Don't Know much about History, could Care Less if a Movie contains Music not from the Period, and only Glean Important Information about Government, Civics, and Socially Relevant Topics, for the most part, from Popular Culture.

In that Respect, this Made for HBO Movie with its Starry Cast, Slick and Glossy Production, and Whirly Approach to Women's Rights (mainly the Vote),Fulfills its Purpose to Inform, Enlighten, and Entertain, albeit in a Superficial Scenario.

But Hey, if it Turns a Few Folks On to the Struggle that it took to obtain Voting Rights and Inspires Them to Vote and Abandon Apathy, it's Worth more than the Sum of its Parts, much more.

Probably Middle-School and High-School Students will find this the most Rewarding, but its Message Knows No Demographics. It is Undeniably Inspirational as are the Women who Sacrificed against Enormous Odds and took on the Goliath of the Establishment and Won.

A Good Looking Production and some Fine Acting, along with the "True" Story of the Suffragette Struggle make this a Worthy Work that is Certainly Worth a Watch.

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