In Dangerous Company


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Tracy Scoggins Photo
Tracy Scoggins as Evelyn
Chris Mulkey Photo
Chris Mulkey as Chris
Steven Keats Photo
Steven Keats as Raymond Ryerson
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Henry Darrow as Alex Aguilar
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Reviewed by ParabolaofMystery3 / 10

Unintentional hilarity abounds!

Almost every single thing in this movie is overblown and wrong. The writing, the acting, the music...the direction is actually fairly technically proficient, but that only serves to highlight how terrible and wrongheaded the whole project is.

Oh, and watch out if you're a smoker. The lead is almost constantly smoking in the first half of the movie. Don't follow his lead or you'll kill your lungs.

Only good with some beers and some friends.

Reviewed by movieman_kev1 / 10

An erotic thriller that is neither

What do you get when you make an erotic thriller that drops the ball on both of those terms? Well thanks to this tepid, uninteresting piece of pseudo-noir, we find out the answer to that question that no one asked. This movie is damn near unwatchable due to a toxic combination of uncharismatic lead actors, wooden acting and a surprising lack of nudity (save for one rather fleeting glimpse of Tracey Scoggins showing her Babylon 2's). The plot is extremely predictable, the 'erotic' scenes lack chemistry or rather even anything approaching erotic in any connotation of the term. To put it quite simply, it's a worthless waste of time.

Reviewed by whpratt19 / 10

What a Black Widow

Enjoyed the first few chapters in this film concerning a very beautiful sexy gal named Evelyn, (Tracy Scoggins) who wants to hire her former boyfriend from years back who was a hit man named Blake,(Cliff DeYoung). Evelyn lives with a very rich man who abuses her in every way possible and she wants to have Blake rub him out. However, Evelyn has many many men on the side who she has affairs with and uses whenever she can and yet she claims to love Blake and at the same time Blake still feels he loves her. There is a very dark side to this film and it starts falling apart as the film starts to go around like a Merry-Go-Round.

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