Violent Road


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Brian Keith as Mitch Barton
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Joanna Barnes as Peg Lawrence
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hup234!9 / 10

Danger and tension as truckers haul volatile rocket fuel across desert terrain.

Brian Keith, with his patented wry and cynical wit, is perfectly cast to lead the heavy truck convoy of desperate men hauling explosive cargo in a race against time. This is a plot similar to "The Wages Of Fear (1954) and "Sorcerer" (1975),so it couldn't help but be a nailbiter if done well...and it is. But the script resists the temptation to lay down wall-to-wall action in favor of good character development through flashbacks, a well-used device but an effective one. Leith Stevens provides a good music score, even accompanying a trucker as he drives along singing "Breezin' Along With The Breeze" (before the inevitable problems begin, naturally). Violent Road was filmed near Lone Pine, California, with plenty of shots of crumbling cliffs, laboring diesel engines, spinning tires...all the neat stuff that cinema-action fans like, but with enough celluloid devoted to getting us to know the men behind the steering wheels and why they wanted the job to begin with. Recommended for all.

Reviewed by raegan_butcher6 / 10

"Drivers Wanted. Dangerous Work. High Pay."

While I can't say I prefer this film to either Wages of Fear or Sorcerer, I agree that it is pretty enjoyable. Some of the wisecracks and banter are pure 1950's hard-boiled pulp, and Brian Keith has never been better as a certain type of swaggering man's man particular to that Era.

"Walker would shrink his own mother's head for a dollar."

"I'm not allergic to a buck, either."

"You pull a stunt like that again I'll rub yer head in the sand til its hamburger!"

While all of this is certainly amusing in a time capsule kind of way, the film itself plays like the storyboards to a much more tension-filled film. Compared to the trials and tribulations undergone by the doomed men in both Wages of Fear and Sorcerer, the journey in Violent Road is rather muted. But still, an enjoyable way to spend an hour and twenty eight minutes.

Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10

A remake of "The Wages of Fear" with the social commentary removed.

One of the great French films of the 1950s was "The Wages of Fear". This tense movie was at heart an attack on capitalism....and this caused a predicament for American studios. They wanted to remake the film....after all the main plot is dynamite! But they didn't want to make the film an attack on capitalism. So, they came up with a ruse....the entire plot all rests on chemicals that are needed for the rocket industry and the rocket industry is needed to protect America. So, it's a film with patriotism and anti-communism in the American version...whereas the French could easily be seen as a pro-communist picture! Unfortunately, by changing the plot, the risk to the drivers' lives made less there SHOULD have been soldiers/cops along the route to ensure the safety of the drivers. They also should have checked the route thoroughly to make sure it was passable. They also should have thoroughly checked the drivers to be sure they weren't deranged--as one of them clearly is yet they let him drive the rocket fuel!

So, aside from being more illogical than "Wages of Fear", is the movie any good? Yes and no. The story is modestly engaging and the actors try their best...but much of the tension seems more muted and the flashbacks throughout the film seem like filler. Overall, an okay film remake of a much better movie.

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