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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel5 / 10

Both POVs would have been more interesting

Everyone has heard what happened to Bobbitt. But not many know of the rape and abuse Lorena endured. So this plays out like a battered wife Lifetime movie. This would have been better if told chronologically. The docu style breaks up the impact. Also more about Bobbitt's POV and how he healed would have provided more of a complete story.

Reviewed by pmtelefon5 / 10

One side fits all

"I Was Lorena Bobbitt" reminds of the Amy Fisher movie that was told from Joey Buttafuoco's point of view. It is so lopsided at times that its credibility is weakened. Luke Humphrey does a nice job but John Bobbitt is such an orge in this movie that his part should have been played by Shrek. Oh by the way, the movie never mentions that after Lorena cut "it" off, she drove away and threw it out the car window into a park. All that said, "I was Lorena Bobbitt" is an okay Lifetime movie. It's just that my expectations were too high. (By the way, my wife doesn't agree with me. She really enjoyed the movie. )

Reviewed by kdreese5 / 10

Very one sided

Like another reviewer, I went into this movie with high expectations. I will say it was very entertaining but it was also very one sided. Lorena Gallo, as she goes by these days, works very hard to paint herself in the perfect light. She never did anything wrong, she only tried to please her husband, and was very naive/innocent throughout the entirety of the movie.

What the movie doesn't mention is that she stole $7000 from the woman that gave her the job as a nanny and at the nail salon. Or that she was arrested for assault, (albeit years after the incident) for striking her own mother. I'm not stating this to judge Miss Gallo, because we've all done things we aren't proud of; I'm merely pointing out that she's not as innocent as the movie portrays her. At the end of the day, she was still the victim of abuse and that should never be tolerated. I just wish they would have done a better job of showing both sides of the story. FYI This is coming from a woman who's on her side.

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