Meet the Blacks


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Mike Tyson as James Clown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp4 / 10

Fun Purging

No scary movies anymore? Sound fine, but I reckon we get this instead. And while it does have to say something about racism in America (yes still a thing),it also gets repetitive and sort of boring in its attempts to make fun of the Purge series. The Purge is now so over the top, it should be easy to make fun of it.

Way easier than what we see here and while there are some fun ideas thrown at you, not many stick (pun intended). There are a lot of guest appearances, one in particular by Charlie Murphy, that might be uncomfortable for some to watch, considering the fact he recently passed away. But those feelings aside, it does not really have the quality to entertain fully as it could

Reviewed by zardoz-134 / 10

A Half-Baked "Purge" Parody

Freshman scenarist Nicole DeMasi and "Supremacy" director Deon Taylor do an adequate job of sending up the vigilante franchise of "The Purge" movies with their parody "Meet the Blacks," starring Mike Epps, Mike Tyson, and George Lopez. Mike Epps plays Carl Black, a wiring installation expert from Chicago, who steals an African-American gangsta's cash and stash and then moves his family out to live in a mansion in Beverly Hills. Clearly, Demasi and Taylor must have been thinking of vintage CBS-TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies" when they came up with his adaptation. It seems that Carl was in a gangsta's house when the police raided and arrested Key Flo (Charlie Murphy of "Norbit") and he got away not only undetected but also with Flo's dough. Initially, the black security guard refuses to let Carl drive onto the premises, but he relents when Carl threatens him. Carl has moved to Los Angeles with his new Latino wife Lorena (Zulay Henao of "Takers"),his teenage daughter Allie (Bresha Webb of "Ride Along 2"),his son Carl Junior (Alex Henderson of "Creed"),and former prison inmate Cronut (Li Duval of "Scary Movie 5"). What none of Carl's family know is that Carl stole the cash from Key Flo. Furthermore, just about everybody that Carl cheated in Chicago has migrated to Los Angeles to exact what he owes them. The punchline of "Meet the Blacks" is Carl gets off scot-free because when they break into his mansion, they do it on Purge night. Mind you, Carl has no idea what The Purge is all about despite what he learns from his family so he believes that he is safely tucked away in Beverly Hills and nobody will find him. Mike Epps is at his hilarious best as Carl Black, but legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson looks and sounds like a buffoon. This lowest common denominator comedy has a few laughs, and you can count them on one hand. Nevertheless, the set-up and the execution is adequately done. The Nicole DeMasi & Deon Taylor screenplay will keep you smiling with its clichés about African-Americans in Beverly Hills and traditional slang-riddled dialogue. George Lopez has a clever cameo as a Hispanic U.S. President with the punny name El Bama. Of course, "Meet the Blacks" could have been far funnier, but it isn't too embarrassing as knock-offs go.

Reviewed by lauraalbouy9 / 10

Awesome comedy

Meet The Blacks is a very funny comedy! I was a little pessimistic at first, I was afraid it would be too stereotypical but it had me in tears from beginning to end. It's a great parody of the movie The Purge (which I also loved by the way). The story: Carl Black moves his family to Beverly Hills thinking there's no annual purge there (a night where anybody can get away with murder); Shout out to Mike Epps, Lil Duval and Bresh Webb who are shining in this film! I did not really know Lil Duval but his role is hilarious! A lot of comedy legends are also appearing: Charlie Murphy, Paul Mooney...even Snoop Dogg is in it! Great job for a low-budget and independent film! I recommend anyone who wants a good laugh to go see it!

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