Howl's Moving Castle


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Jena Malone as Lettie
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Lauren Bacall as Witch of the Waste
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Josh Hutcherson as Markl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

Great provided you are not a huge Diana Wynne Jones fan or watch the film with one!

I went to see this film with my anime and Diana Wynne Jones-loving teenage daughter. And while I enjoyed the film immensely due to its excellent animation, story and overall sense of fun, it was also interesting to see how much my daughter hated it! It was as if we saw two entirely different films. Why? Well, she is a huge Diana Wynne Jones fan and has read and re-read just about everything she ever wrote. And, according to her, the story was so different and so inferior to the book that she disliked the film and said some very nasty things about director Miyazaki. However, my advice is DON'T read the book and just go and see the movie. Then, after enjoying it, read the book ONLY if you are 100% sure you can do this without freaking out because they are so different!! I didn't know the difference and had a great time seeing the film!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird9 / 10

Howl's Moving Castle is an imaginative and delightful Miyazaki film

I love anime, and when I noticed that Howl's Moving Castle was showing today, I knew I had to see it. And you know what, I wasn't disappointed. I admit I haven't read the book by Diana Wynne Jones, but this film is so imaginative and delightful I doubt I would have cared if it was unfaithful to the book or not. The animation here is amazing, the backgrounds are gorgeous and the colours so bright. Plus the castle itself was a wonder to behold. The visual style here also has a certain elegance about it, and the atmosphere the visuals create is somewhat meticulous. I also have to mention the score, it was absolutely stunning. Beautiful, magical and poignant themes that caressed my ears, like a Mozart opera would. The characters are engaging and are beautifully voiced by a terrific voice cast. Christian Bale's(not a stranger to voice work, he voiced Thomas in Disney's Pocahontas as well) seductive and silky voice brings vain wizard Howl to vivid life, and Sophie is a very lovable and beautiful character, whether in her younger form or her older form. Her younger form is sensitively voiced by Emily Mortimer and her older self is voiced by the late Jean Simmons with real sincerity. The Witch of the Waste is a character consumed by jealousy, so much so it results in Sophie's transformation from a young 18 year old girl to a pensioner. This character is perfectly voiced by screen legend Lauren Bacall. Billy Crystal is a joy to behold as Calcifer, one of my favourite characters in the film, and Turniphead was very intriguing as well. The story is a sweet, timeless imaginative one, not the best written one by all means, but it did touch me a lot. Did I notice anything wrong? Yes, but these flaws are minor compared to the overall beauty of the film. The final third is a little too rushed, and the ending is a little over-surreal. But overall, Howl's Moving Castle is an enchanting and delightful work from Miyazaki. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

Another winner from Studio Ghibli

HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE is another wonderful animation from Japan's Studio Ghibli, a children's cartoon that proves to be a moving, inventive and utterly imaginative experience for kids and adults alike. To describe it too much would be to spoil the fun; suffice to say, this is a film packed with incident and insight, with engaging characters and larger than life situations.

This time around, it's an anti-war feature, with war providing the backdrop to the central tale. The character of the young girl who is transformed through witchcraft into an old woman is an intriguing one, and the titular castle is a superbly animated creation. I particularly liked the supporting characters in this film: Disney usually make the characters that support the protagonists irritating in the extreme, but here they're quite brilliant: the bounding scarecrow, the living fire, even the Witch of the Wastes.

I find Ghibli films to be fairly hit or miss; some I love, but others like PRINCESS MONONOKE and SPIRITED AWAY are overrated in my mind. Not so this one.

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