The Haunting of Margam Castle


Action / Horror

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Caroline Munro as Brenda
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Jane Merrow as Edith Withers
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Derek Nelson as Kenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Weirdling_Wolf6 / 10

Caroline 'Maniac' Munro playfully discussing the culinary merits of Welsh rarebit was a suitably tasty titbit!

It doesn't feel altogether fair to focus solely on this low-budget supernatural horror film's obviously pecuniary failings, and while the admittedly derivative shocker most certainly has its myriad flaws, I would rather stress the production's more positive aspects. While 'The Haunting of Margam Castle' is fundamentally yet another rather predictably creaky haunted house yarn, replete with angsty parapsychologists, nosily Scooby Doo-ing around its ghoulishly storied, dank walled environs, the director eschews some of the more actively tedious found footage tropes in a stalwart attempt to, perhaps, harken back to the spookily cobwebbed likes of 'The Legend of Hell House', and the still greatly undervalued 'The Evil', while not entirely successful in its execution, weirdly lacking any grandstanding gore, and woefully lacking budget, I nonetheless quite enjoyed 'The Haunting of Margam Castle', especially pleasing was the welcome, and somewhat (Tea)cosy presence of UK genre icons Caroline Munro, Vernon Dobcheff, Derren Nesbitt, and the eternally wonderful Jane Merrow, again, I am usually far more forgiving than many other horror fans, but I strongly believe in supporting the more meritorious efforts of the B-Movie underdogs, but, to be entirely fair, some may find this spook-show to be a little tame, but the still delightful Caroline 'Maniac' Munro playfully discussing the culinary merits of Welsh rarebit was a suitably tasty titbit!

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-6832743 / 10

This Is A SnoreFest If You Are Looking For Horror....

Yeah this one was a bunch of people sitting around telling jokes and stories and whatnot. The horror aspect was pretty much lost, as were the storytellers at the end.

Boring. Although some of the stories were interesting.


Reviewed by mjsreg5 / 10

Hardly a Welsh voice

Considering this was supposed to be set in South Wales I only heard ONE Welsh voice very briefly.

Apart from that, this film was very long and drawn-out viewing. At some points it seemed as though something interesting was about to get started only to fade away to more tedium.

Some of the acting was very wooden - the only saving grace being the brilliant Darren Nesbit whose acting seemed to carry parts of the film.

It is a shame. This could have been a very good film, but overall it fails to deliver and it is hard not falling asleep watching it.

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