Hooligan Sparrow


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yh94010 / 10

a brilliant film that reveals human rights conditions in China

Director Nanfu Wang took risks to film the human rights abuse in China, smuggled the footage out, and produced this documentary. Ye Haiyan, the protagonist of this film, is an ordinary yet unordinary Chinese woman. She came from the rural area, but refused to go on a usual road. She knew that a lot of women who share similar background with her choose to be sex workers out of poverty and despair. For a long time, her activism was centered on sex workers' rights. But in the early summer of 2013, there was a case about a principle raping several underage girls. Ye was furious, and she decided to do something to prevent things like this from happening again in China. However, the road was full of unpleasant surprises and dangers.

Due to China's increasing economic clout, we are losing sight of what terrible things are happening in China. This documentary is a must-see, and this will be the first step of change.

Reviewed by Hunky Stud9 / 10

down the the communists! a rare and brave film about mainland China.

It is so hard to do any anti-communist protest, investigation, etc. The fact that this film was made is already a miracle.

On the other hand, this film could have more details and more personal interview. Even if the communist police and others destroyed the videos, camera, she can still interview those who are involved. and this film can give details about why those people were arrested, what happened when they were arrested. It could have more information.

I gave it a 9 simply because how brave she was. If every person in mainland China tries to defend for human rights, the evil chinese government would have been destroyed long time ago.

Reviewed by klmhm10 / 10

inconceivable bravery confronting government-sponsored oppression and abuse

Believe every good thing you read about this movie. I saw it at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. You must have a little courage yourself just to watch it. It will both haunt and inspire you. The protagonist, Sparrow, is brash and creative in exposing injustices done to women and sexual abuse of young girls. The sacrifice of these girls to curry favor with government officials is nauseating, but unfortunately true and apparently widespread. The story is not only about Sparrow and her fight for human rights, but also about the film maker, who was herself in danger. The most compelling aspect of the story is that it is now, it is current, it is all still going on. You can help.

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