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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jameselliot-12 / 10

Distributors didn't want this trainwreck

Redeemed only for its female cast. Sabrina was badly underutilized by the film industry. Elizabeth Campbell was wasted. It's difficult to believe the man behind High School Confidential, College Confidential, Platinum High School and The Beat Generation was behind this mess. The budget should have been donated to charity.

Reviewed by Woodyanders4 / 10

Dopey Western send-up

Bumbling wimp Phil P. Phillips (amiable Troy Donahue),who has just finished divinity school, decides to settle down in the dangerous frontier hamlet of Yucca Flats. When a dastardly gang of seven criminals take over the town, it's up to Phil to stand up to them.

Director Albert Zugsmith, who also co-wrote the witless script with Blair Robertson, tries way too hard to create and sustain a wacky off-the-wall tone that unfortunately registers as painfully forced and unfunny: The pathetic caricatures of Hitler and Mae West, overdone sound effects, frequent use of an artificially sped-up camera, and especially the nonstop barrage of often cringe-worthy slapstick gags prove to be more irritating than amusing. Moreover, the goofy humor is far too slight and silly to sustain a 99 minute feature length running time. While Elizabeth Campbell as the cross-dressing Cookie, Carlos Rivas as ornery flunky Sam, and German Robles as a deliciously wicked Devil all have a field day with their juicy roles, their constant mugging alas can't (and doesn't) redeem this floundering mess. Emilio Fernandez has a regrettably minor part as the cowardly and ineffectual sheriff. Gabriel Figueroa's sharp cinematography makes this movie look far better than it deserves. A tiresome misfire.

Reviewed by Memorabiliaurb4 / 10

not a great movie

I agree with the other comment in general terms,but Rene Ruiz(tun Tun) don't make here one of his best performances,also the always pathetic Indio Fernandez don't help for nothing to the movie success and the very low budget film production in many ways like story,costumes,action,stunts and not a very good cast (with the exception of Elizabeth Campbell)made this film a looser in many ways.By the way,this film was made in 1968,but for some distribution problems,this movie premiere in movie theaters was until 1970,but i don't recommended because i never been a fan of Troy Donahue and this movie its boring for the Elizabeth Campbell fans,even the most hardcore fans her.

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