Haunted House on Sorority Row



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edgein153 / 10

Bafflingly incompetent film from the people who made THE BABYSITTER MASSACRE

What in the name of God happened with this movie? I was quite a fan of THE BABYSITTER MASSACRE, but this film is one giant pile of nothing.

Remember those two cute actresses from THE BABYSITTER MASSACRE who did those hot nude scenes? They are also in this movie, and neither of them gets naked in this one. Just so you know. Good job, Mr. Director. You clearly know what your fans want.

The cinematography is complete garbage. It has that same crap hazy blue color scheme that you can find in every single Wal-Mart 5-dollar multi-pack DVD horror set from Echo Bridge.

The haunted house has no visual presence. It looks like a crappy rental property in Podunk, Trailerville. You know, the Amityville Horror house had presence. Mr. Director should have learned from that.

Compared to THE BABYSITTER MASSACRE, this movie is an utter disaster. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Reviewed by deadfiller10 / 10

Strong Microbudget Creepfest

This a micro budget horror flick that delivers on all fronts. The low budget is used to it's advantage to provide a creepy nightmarish vibe. The cinematography is generally quite sharp, and when it fallers, it just adds to the mood. Is the acting rough at times? Sure, but that's part of its hook that lulls you in expecting cheap exploitation, and turning those expectations right on their ear. The lead actress is very strong, and I expect to see her more often in the future. Effects are used sparingly, but are all convincing. Also with noting is the over saturation of nudity in horrific situations to creep the audience out. There is gratuitous nudity off all kinds, but in the nightmarish situations it accents the scenes with a sense of taboo dread. The flick also knows not to wear out its welcome, and it's breezy running time lets the flick get in and out, taking care of the twists and scares efficiently and effectively, proof that the most interesting horror is coming from micro budget filmmakers.

Reviewed by jedispyder10 / 10

Very fun movie!

An excellent blend of horror and comedy. The background music gave it an 80s feel at times which fits with the type of movie, this would definitely have fit right in with other 80s horror movies (aka the best era of horror). There was a more psychological horror than physical horror and they nailed it perfectly, allowing you to watch as the characters slowly unravel into insanity.

Similar to a lot of horror movies of this type, the movie was lacking in the male department as the focus was more on the girls. There were only 3 guys total and each was very different. Joe Kidd is just a small supporting role but he did well. Eric Widing was a typical frat-boy douche who you could tell had a blast acting in that way! Mike Hilinski played a normal guy who is trying to look good for a girl he's crushing on. I could definitely relate to his character, getting annoyed at the douche friend who was acting out and making him look bad.

All the females were great, with different personalities for each. I've seen too many horror movies where all the females are written as generic and stereotypical but definitely not here.

I enjoyed how the writing did not seem forced for the actors. The dialog was very casual and something you could expect yourself to say in those situations. Sometimes in horror movies there will be excessive cursing simply to have cursing, but that was not the case here.

Only complaint? Who in their right mind tries to get spaghetti from a pot with a normal spoon?!? That's the most I can complain!

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