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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hof-47 / 10

Controversial history

The eastern limits of Poland were set after WWI along the Curzon line, roughly today's boundary. After Poland's victory over the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War, the boundary was shifted East. Some regions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire such as Volhyn (the original title of this movie) and Eastern Galicia became de facto Polish, although Poles were a minority; for Volhyn the percentages were 70%, 16% and 10% for Ukrainians, Poles and Jews.

The film begins with a village wedding in Volyn shortly before the outbreak of WWII. The various ethnic groups are seen living in wary mistrust of each other. From conversations we learn that Ukrainians resent their heavy handed treatment by Polish authorities. Use of the Ukrainian language is forbidden or discouraged. Ukrainian schools are being closed. So are Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches, some demolished, others converted to Catholic churches.

In September 1939 the Soviets occupy Volhyn and Eastern Galicia in answer to Hitler's invasion of Poland. In June 1941 the region is overrun and occupied by Nazi troops on their way to invade the Soviet Union. Initially, some Ukrainians welcome the Germans in the belief they would support a free, independent Ukraine, but this hope is soon dashed. Some extreme right wing diehards such as the OUN = Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its paramilitary branch the UPA = Ukrainian Insurgent Army ally themselves with the occupiers and carry out a bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing against Polish and other minorities. This is the backdrop for the story, which centers on the the vicissitudes of bride Hela and sister Zosia during the war.

This film does everything well, including an even handed treatment of controversial history. It is spoken in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian and the subtitles do a good job of identifying each language. It is available in the streaming services under the title Hatred, the name of the novel on which it is based.

Reviewed by qui_j4 / 10

Poor editing and a lack of story continuity brings it down

This never achieves its full potential because of poor editing. The scenes don't follow on one another in such a way to permit coherent storytelling. Had a better job been done with the script and editing, the film could have been a winner!

Reviewed by shakercoola7 / 10

Harrowing portrayal of massacres in 1941-43

A Polish drama; A story set during World War II about a young woman and her attempt to survive while mayhem surrounds her in the region of Eastern Poland bordering Ukraine called Volhynia. The film's central theme is Polish-Ukrainian inter-ethnic hatred culminating in massacres of Poles. It is based on true events and true accounts from witnesses, though there were some crimes carried out by Poles on Ukrainians, which has proved divisive. There are some scenes that will simply take the viewers' breath away by the graphic nature of killings depicted. The film is gripping, well acted, and probably one of the most controversial films for a generation.

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