Guts of a Virgin



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ky-D4 / 10

Dirty, but disappointing

Given the title and outlandish box art, I was ready for just about anything. Perhaps my expectation were forced just a bit to high, because I was left a little dry.

A film crew working on a soft-core sex movie end up at a strange house when they get lost in the fog and decide the best way to spend the evening is to have sex. Where hasn't this set up been used before? The difference here is the uber-perverse nature of the sex. Not allowed to show all the goods (groin shots were illegal in Japan for a long time, what is shown is fogged out) the movie tries as hard as it can to show the viewer just how unnatural sex can be.

Amidst all the kinky goings on, a mud monster (whose origin I can't fathom) shows up and begins murdering the men and raping the women...then murdering them too. Some of the sights are a bit much, most notably a woman having her intestines pulled out through her vagina or another woman spitting out a mouthful of...stuff, but otherwise the gore is pretty standard fare.

Ultimately the film is pulled down by it's own designs; it's too over-sexed to be a strait horror picture and too gruesome to work as a sex flick. The mediums can work, but there need to be a balance.


Reviewed by dbborroughs5 / 10

Sex and Violence, lots of it

How do you review this objectively? I don't think you can. You either enjoy this sort of thing or you don't. I've given the movie a 5 not because its either good or bad, it simply is and I can't try to rate it for that reason.

After a soft-core photo shoot the photographers and the models go to a house in the mountains where kinky sex takes with occasional interruptions by a mud-covered demon/psycho who tears the men apart and has his way with the women. Plotwise thats about it, sex followed by violence followed by sex...

I don't know what else to say beyond that. Certainly its well made with sex scenes that are quite steamy (and kinky). I can't say that there really is a point beyond the melding of sex and horror. If its suppose to disturb it does that. If its suppose to titillate it does that too. I just don't know if you're suppose to feel both emotions at the same time.

As I said you either enjoy this sort of thing or you don't. Whether you watch it is your own choice, just don't say you weren't warned.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby1 / 10

Terrible at all levels.

I got misled into seeing this aft reading a review praising that it is an atmospheric horror movie.

The movie is not at all scary, there is absolutely no atmosphere, the editing n cinematography is abysmal.

Why certain reviewers praised n called it an atmospheric horror movie is beyond me.

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