The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis634 / 10

Crude, Distasteful, Even Disgusting - And Yet ...

Oh my. What a terrible movie. The word "bad" doesn't sum it up. "Awful" doesn't do it justice. "Horrible" would be far too generous. It's honestly beyond any of those words. It's crude, it's distasteful and on many occasions it's even disgusting. There's no story to it. It's an incoherent mess that makes no sense at all. There may be a possibility that this is one of those things that could drive you insane if you try to think too hard about it and make some sort of sense of it. You know the sorts of things I mean: "How big is the universe?" "How did time actually start?" And now - "What in the world is 'The 41-year-old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Super Bad About It' actually about?" Really - it's about nothing. And I don't mean that in a Seinfeld "isn't that a clever show?" way, but in a "this is lame-brained and totally meaningless" kind of way. Truly - there's more logic to most "Three Stooges" stuff than there is to this! Is it just a bad spoof? And if it is - what's it a bad spoof of? I really can't figure out what's being badly spoofed. This is the sort of movie you'd be embarrassed about if too many people found out you had watched it. I mean the humour is - well - it's juvenile toilet humour at best. People vomit and fart and defecate and have orgasms. Oh my.

And then - as absolutely meaningless and worthless and ludicrous as it is - it made me laugh on a few occasions. Oh it's lame - but some of it is actually funny, and - humiliated though I may be about it - I had no trouble watching it for its entire 1:22 run time. It even includes some spoofs of folks like the Verizon ("Can you hear me now?") guy, Dr. Phil and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. I mean, you have to give credit to anyone who can throw parodies of all three into the same truly bad movie.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but - 4/10.

Reviewed by ComedyFan20102 / 10

"It was so hilarious, I was laughing on the inside"

This is a line of the movie that perfectly describes what I would say about it if I would want to be polite.

This movie is extremely bad. I like comedy an while most of the spoof movies are not too great they still can be funny. The problem with this one is though that they attempted to parody comedies. And they did it by simply taking good and funny scenes from Apatow movies and just re-enact them but with toilet humor. It kind of sucks when the scene you make a parody of is much funnier and better than the parody. What I was watching was basically the worse version of great comedies.

There were some scenes that were OK. And funnily enough they were parodies of movies that were not comedies, such as Twilight. But there were too few of them and even they were not very high quality. I think the best one is when a guy gets tricked into the show where they catch child molesters. This and the "milkshake" scene were the only times I laughed. Otherwise I just found what I saw gross or pathetic.

The only extra point that I give it is for the actors that play Seth and Jonah. Not only do they look and sound very much like the other actors they also did a good job with the acting. I first felt bad for them to be in this movie. But when looking at their work I can see that Stephen Kramer Glickman (Seth) is having quiet a lot work and Steven Sims (Jonah) while didn't have many acting jobs yet seems to be progressing well in producing and has a few gigs. The movie actually seems to help him be discovered. So at least something good came out of it.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen1 / 10

Something went so very, very wrong here

There isn't a proper word that actually summarize this movie. But wow! What the f... This was the worst movie of 2010.

Spoof movies that make fun of other movies are usually funny or at least semi-funny, but this movie was rock bottom. It was failed as a comedy all together, and I think I laughed maybe once or twice throughout the entire movie.

Now, the scenes in the movie are easily recognizable to the actual movies that they are making fun of, and that is nice, but this movie is just so over-done that it just isn't funny.

What worked for me was the part where they introduced the Edward (Twilight) spoof character, and that was the highlight of the movie, because I loath Twilight and all that it has spawned.

Moving on the to the actors, well lots of good work here actually, despite they were in a lousy movie. The people in the roles actually did resemble the characters in the original movies fairly good, most of them anyway. I failed to see how Bryan Callen (playing Andy) were to look like Steve Carrell, or how Noureen DeWulf (playing Kim) were to look like Mila Kunis. But the other people actually looked somewhat like the ones they were making fun of.

If you like comedies or spoofs milking the popularity of other movies, you should not go with this movie, it failed so horrible, and there are other spoofs available out there that are so much more fun and enjoyable. I sat through it and wish that I didn't, it was a part of my life that I will never have back...

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