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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen4 / 10

Not much fire and heat here...

It was kind of hard to believe that with a cast such as who was in this movie that the movie turned out to be such a disappointment. There were no laughs to be found throughout the entire movie.

The story is easy to follow and doesn't challenge the intellect of the audience in any way. Maury and Dave are meat salesmen down on their luck, and when they walk into what turns out to be a huge sale, things take an unexpected change and they get tied up with criminals and murderers.

I will say that that movie had some impressive names on the cast list; Kevin James, Ray Romano, Burt Reynolds, Juliette Lewis, Kim Coates and Sofia Vergara. It was actually Sofia Vergara who carried the movie, just a shame that she didn't have more time on the screen.

When the movie ended, I must admit that the first thing that I thought was 'what was the point of this movie?'. Yeah, the movie just didn't make any lasting impression.

"Grilled" is a less than mediocre movie.

Reviewed by studioAT1 / 10

Ray Romano's attempt to be cool

Ray Romano and Kevin James have both become beloved through their great sitcoms but sadly both men seem to want to distance themselves from the roles that made them famous and take on darker roles. Sadly this experiment falls flat and Grilled is the result of it.

The basic plot outline is good and the actors involved raise expectations but sadly this film is lousy. It's no wonder it went straight to DVD. It tries to be a cool black comedy but then it tries to have moments that pull at the heart strings and in the end fails to fit either genre well enough. In the end the director resorts to the over-usage of expletives, sex and violence.

Don't Romano and James understand that there was nothing wrong with their style in their sitcoms and that it is this style that made us as an audience fall in love with them.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan6 / 10

You don't have to chew it......

Maurice and Dave sell high-end cuts of meat, but they've hit a patch of no sales, and they're facing being fired.

Maurice needs money to enrol in his final semester of acupuncture school, and Dave needs money for his daughter's birthday.

Their final client, a beautiful woman opens the door, and they are about to seal the deal, but a desperate call from a suicidal friend interrupts her signing the contract.

Still hoping to close the sale, Maurice and Dave offer to drive her to the friend's house, and there, troubles multiply.

Facing guns, hit men, and women's secrets, a sale is the farthest thing from their minds......

A vehicle for two of the biggest names in American TV comedy at the time, it seems like it was a huge Mis-step having them star in a more adult orientated comedy, rather than a cutesy throwaway family comedy that would have at least been successful.

But they wanted to try something different, and while it works to some extent, you can see why the film is a complete mess.

There's no coherency to the plot or narrative, and we have James falling over all the time (because hey! Fat people are funny),and Romano trying to be the charming one, but he comes across as a complete creep.

Reynolds, Coates, and Lewis make up the great support, but all in all its a watchable mess.

Very undercooked.

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