Go West


Action / Comedy / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

decent film, but Keaton did do better

If you have never seen a Buster Keaton film, I don't recommend you see this one--as it may fail to impress you. While it's a decent film, STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. and THE GENERAL are better Keaton efforts.

First, I should mention I saw this videotape as marketed by KINO VIDEO. While the print in this case is great for a silent-era film, I was surprised that I hated the sound track so much. I'm not sure if it was originally intended for this movie--if it was, don't blame KINO. However, I doubt this because the tracks are Jazz and I can't see why anyone would pair this with a modern cowboy flick! Also, towards the end and on the accompanying Keaton shorts, there is significant slowdown--producing a very muddled sound track and choppy action.

The movie itself is cute. Keaton goes west for excitement and along the way he meets and falls in love with a cow--no, it's NOT that sort of love, but more like the love of a boy and his dog. A decent film but a bit slow and not as full of humor as some of his other films.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

It was a man and his cow

Have always had great admiration for Buster Keaton, one of the funniest, boldest and most important comedy geniuses of his time and to exist. His best work was hilarious, and not only is there very few people in comedy at the time and since as jaw-droppingly daring but he was one of not many, and possibly the best at it, to make deadpan work. There really were few people like him before, during and since, despite loving comedy of all decades and most kinds of styles Keaton was a true original.

'Go West' is not one of Keaton's best and is very rarely considered as such, there is much funnier, more inventive, more daring work of his from before as well as since. It is still though an amusing and charming watch, and does not deserve to be near-forgotten. While 'Go West' may not be Keaton on top form, it is one of his more under-appreciated efforts and shouldn't be dismissed because it's somewhat of a change of pace and not what one usually expects from Keaton.

It is best forgetting the story, as there is not much of one and it could have gotten going quicker with the first portion being a touch too on the slow side.

On the physical side of things, there could have been more of it and by Keaton, whose physical comedy was at his best very ahead of the time and bold, standards, some of it is a touch subdued.

However, 'Go West' is well shot and designed with the clever last shot standing out. The gags are always amusing though never quite reaching hilarious level, and the more physical elements are deftly timed and nimble, if not what one calls daring. It is silly at times but never played too broadly and the silliness doesn't go overboard.

There is not just comedy. It was actually nice to see a gentler tone and the film has a lot of heart and charm, some touching moments here without mawkishness. Keaton wasn't nicknamed "The Great Stone Face" for nothing, deadpan is not an easy way of acting to nail but Keaton was a master of this because he made it amusing and nuanced.

Concluding, not my definition of classic Keaton but under-appreciated and a lovely watch. 7.5/10

Reviewed by Prismark107 / 10

(Go west) where the skies are blue

Buster Keaton is penniless and friendless. He cannot get a job and somehow becomes a cowhand befriending brown eyes the cow.

To stop the ranch owner from ruin Buster takes the cattle through the streets of LA and to the cattle market.

This is a breezy fun Buster Keaton silent. There are plenty of inventive stuff such as Buster and the barrels on the train which roll out.

I watched this with my son who has never seen Buster Keaton before and he certainly enjoyed watching it.

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