Friday After Next


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright75%
IMDb Rating5.71028013

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Trina McGee as Cinnamon
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Terry Crews as Damon
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Ice Cube as Craig
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Anna Maria Horsford as Mrs. Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Santa Claus

The cousins get their own apartment at the Shady Palms. They are robbed by Santa Claus and don't have the rent money. They are working as strip mall security guards (do they even have such a thing?) until they lose that job.

The hunt for the Santa thief fills the film as well as Pimps and Hos who have a store at the strip mall. Same style of humor that has worn thin.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Quinoa19844 / 10

A bare-bones, extremely lackluster hood-comedy (all with a Christmas beat)!

The first Friday, made in 1995 on a miniscule budget by Ice Cube and fashioned almost like a pot-head teleplay, was a splendid display of the humorous side of the LA hood. The sequel from two years ago wasn't up to par, replacing Chris Tucker for new comics, but remained compatible and occasionly hilarious. Leaving Friday After Next, I was certain that Next Friday was now a certified classic comic sequel when compared to this pile of drek and aloofness. This is purely a sequel written and produced for the sole purpose of milking the series for all it's worth, and there is not a shade of creativity thanks to taking all the elements from the last two movies and squeezing them here for all they're worth.

Thinking back days after I saw it, I can only remember laughing twice- once was during the commercial for Willie and Elroy's Bros. BBQ restaurant (next to Toys N' the Hood and Hoes-R-Us),the other in a cringe-inducing scene between a pimp and an ex-convict. All the rest of the movie was stunningly bad, and can not recommend it unless you are desperate to seek out every film at the cineplex. Grade: D-

Reviewed by view_and_review7 / 10

Money Mike and Damon are great addition

If "Friday" was successful it was because of Chris Tucker. If "Next Friday" failed it was because of the unfunny Mike Epps. "Friday After Next" recaptured the appeal of "Friday" with the addition of Money Mike (Katt Williams) and Damon (Terry Crews). Those two were absolutely hilarious. Money Mike was full of one liners as the short yet stereotypical pimp. Damon filled in nicely for the menacing but now locked up D-Bo. In fact, I would say that Terry Crews did an even better job as a bully than Tiny Lister. Terry Crews definitely has more range than Tiny Lister, and the writers must have realized that Mike Epps and Ice Cube weren't good enough to sustain an entire movie. "Friday After Next" didn't maintain a steady flow of being funny, but it did have enough laugh-out-loud moments to be considered a funny movie.

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