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deserted island

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

Overlong and peculiar version based on the classic story by Daniel Defoe about life on a desert island

This one has an excessive runtime, approx two hours , and being some tiring version, freely based on the popular novel by Daniel Defoe . It deals with a Brit who washes at an unknown island , he is called Robinson Crusoe : Peter O'Toole, and he is stranded on the deserted location after a wreckship . Then there appears some natives : Richard Roundtree , among others . Later on , Robinson forces the native from a neighboring island to be his assistant . Through his intelligence and willness the enslaved native regains his freedom conceded by Robinson . This time Friday instead of being taught by Robinson contrives by patience and craft to reverse the situation so that Crusoe learns a basic way of life from him , each assimilating the best of one another's culture .

This humorous as well as musical rendition charts the often-cruel treatment the native receives as his captor attempts to civilize him . A charming and attractive version that relies heavily on the relationship between Robinson and Friday , adding some musical interludes . A sometimes confusing script and excessive violent scenes with shots in cold blood as well as guts detract from this message-laden effort . This special retelling plays a novel variation on Defoe's vintage, including sympathetic situations , particularly , a flying day , and another sporting day are often fun .Duo starring , Peter O'Toole , Richard Roundtree , give appealing interpretations . The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Jack Gold . He was a good British craftsman who made several movies as cinema as TV , such as : Catholics, Roboman, The Naked Civil Servant, The Tenth Man , Praying Mantis , The Return of the Native , The Rose and the Jackal , Murrow , Goodnight Mr Tom , Into the Blue and his greatest hits were : The Medusa Touch , Escape from Sobibor and Little Lord Fauntleroy .

Other versions about this prestigious novel are the following ones : Silent rendition 1927 narrated by Don Carney . "Mr Robinson Crusoe" with Douglas Fairbanks . "Robinson Crusoe of mystery island" 1936 by Max Wright . "Robinson Crusoe" by Luis Buñuel with Dan O'Herlihy . Sci-fi recounting titled "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" 1964 by Byron Haskin with Adam West . "Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger" 1972 by Rene Cardona with Hugo Stiglitz . "Castaway" by Nicolas Roeg with Oliver Reed . Robinson Crusoe 1997 George Miller with Pierce Brosnan , William Takaku ."Robinson Crusoe TV series" with Philip Winchester , Sam Neill .

Reviewed by merklekranz3 / 10

Kind of an odd duck that never gets off the ground .....

Peter O'Toole and Richard Roundtree play off each other in this "play" played out on an island. The strong religious overtones preached by O'Toole are off putting and grinds the film to a halt at regular intervals. The fact that the natives speak in English, and O'Tool's island is stocked with all matter of modern conveniences, sends believability out the window. Throw in some truly grating songs and you can easily deduce why the movie failed miserably. After about an hour, when the slow pace doesn't improve, you will be tempted to reach for the fast forward button. I gave up entirely to save myself from further disappointment. - MERK

Reviewed by malcolmgsw2 / 10

Now this is a dead parrot

Maybe this is where the Monty Python team got their idea of the dead parrot sketch.Personally I would have preferred it if Roundtree had terminated a wildly overreacting Peter O Toole and saved us his shouting and screamng.Perhaps the makers of this film should have gone on to make Oliver Twist with a kind hearted Beadle always handing out second helpings and Fagin running a orphanage.Would have made more sense than this.

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