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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geoffgee7 / 10

Great fun for the grey matter.

There were times whilst I was watching this that I felt myself to be distinctly chronologically challenged by the implications of (people) being able to go backwards and forwards in time. Not that that detracted from my enjoyment - quite the contrary - but unravelling some of the time-logic did demand that extra bit of effort on my part. The humour varies between light and off-the-cuff banter between drinking buddies at times, to potentially grave and ominous events at others. I thought the characters were likable and the screenplay was excellent (in an 'ordinary' kind of way). Maintaining my interest was helped by the juxtaposition of the everyday with the unexpected and the inclusion of an uncertain romantic element. A nice blend of sci-fi and scepticism. Great fun for the grey matter.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10


Ray (Chris O'Dowd) is a time travel enthusiast and gets fired from his dead end job. His drinking buddies Toby and Pete are also nerds and they discuss sci-fi pop culture at their local bar. Ray tells the boys that beautiful time traveler Cassie (Anna Faris) introduced herself to him. They don't believe him but Pete sees something after going to the washroom. The bad guys are called Editors who are deleting famous figures after their greatest achievements.

This starts with an interesting premise. The guys are low key funny. At some point, I lose the thread of the situation. The chaos becomes unknowable. It's hard to follow any rules. The simple FAQ is probably what the F is happening in any of the scenes. Without knowing the rules, it becomes a series of random wacky incidents. It has no stakes. It only has the wacky which is pretty fun for a little while.

Reviewed by Prismark107 / 10

Shh, do not mention Doctor Who!

I reckon at one point Nick Frost and Simon Pegg were considered for the lead roles with Edgar Wright mooted as a director.

However the film starts as three guys in a pub talking about time travel when one of them is fired from his job. Ray (Chris O'Dowd),Toby (Marc Wootton) and Pete (Dean Lennox Kelly) are out in the pub going through beers, crisps and moaning about life as well as talking science fiction but strangely no mention of Doctor Who.

A trip to the toilet for one of them leads to some sort of time leak where the trio go back and forth along a time-line that could lead to danger. Anna Faris plays Cassie a woman from the future whose job is to repair these time leaks.

The film is rather fun, the three leads play well together, they are not irritating and there is a mixture of comedy with some danger and drama. Faris mixes well with the trio and there is some substance with the science fiction elements of the story.

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