Cross the Line

2020 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Milena Smit as Mila
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Mario Casas as Dani
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH488 / 10

Unexpected turns of events and many surprises along the way. Well made and perfect one-off entertainment. Anti-hero in a lead role carries the full story

Saw this at the Imagine filmfestival 2021, usually in Amsterdam but now 100% online. Many unexpected turns of events and even so many suprises while the story progresses. Well made. Anti-hero Dani as main protagonist succeeds in carrying the complete story. Believable or not, in desperation and sheer panic anyone can rise above himself, precisely what we see Dani doing.

A heart-warming start in the first quarter. Not all families are connected so well, most fight over the inheritance and boast how well they cared for the deceased while calling the other lazy and indifferent. None of that is the case here.

The second quarter could be an average love story. Nothing spectacular, other than that we know there is much more to follow to fill the allotted running time. It all becomes different and surpasses average romantic affairs when Mila's boy friend Ray appears.

In the third quarter, all cosiness is gone. Ray is violent by design. Especially when Dani finds a wheat farm in the apartment, killing Dani is the first thing on Ray's agenda. Revealing his secret business adds to having messed with his girl friend. Dani would have been strangled when he had not grasped a pair of scissors and killed Ray. Mila is devastated and jumps out of the window from the 5th floor, landing on a car roof below.

A tense fourth quarter shows Dani cleaning the apartment, removing all traces that might point to him, and subsequently leaving the building despite being surrounded by police cars. He succeeds, not bad for him with no criminal experience. It becomes even more tense when Dani remembers the selfie taken in the tatoo shop, hanging on the wall there. After he breaks in successfully, he finds himself trapped in an extremely dangerous situation.

I can go on, with still more surprises on the way, but I leave it here for spoilers' sake. The above gives a good impression that fast-paced developments will continue, gaining more traction and speed when the story progresses. It also includes a moral dilemma about getting rid of an unwelcome witness, who might reveal things that Dani does not want known. All in all, a perfect thriller leaving no desires for improvement. Serves its purpose very well as one-off entertainment.

Reviewed by lareval8 / 10

Mario Casas acting his heart out

A small scoped but frantic thriller with a powerful Mario Casas at the centre of it. A suspenseful experience with a chilling finale.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Don't do it

It probably is something you shout or at least think while you watch the main character ... doing something! He is quite the gullible little naive little human. Not little in size that is. We get to know him and his sister, before we/he dive into a spiral that seems to be un-escapable.

Once you cross a line ... there is no coming back. Although even then, the question is, why go for something and endanger yourself while doing it? Suspension of disbelief ... and a really out there approach to certain things. Not all may agree with everything he does, but overall it makes sense. And I have to admit it is funny to see the main character being played by someone who I only know as the complete opposite of what he portrays here! Good for him and fun for us to watch!

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