Forgive and Forget


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Havan_IronOak6 / 10

A promising start but let me rewrite the ending.

(Caution contains spoilers)

This movie started with an interesting premise and had some brilliant moments but then failed to live up to its promise.

David and Theo have been mates for 14 years. But, David, the handsome self-assured alpha male has a secret. He's gay and is in love with Theo. Now Theo is moving in with his girlfriend and David is feeling left out. David sabotages Theo's relationship by playing on the girl's insecurities and then consoles Theo on the break-up.

The crisis of the film comes after the breakup. David is consoling Theo and seems genuinely sad to see his friend in the pain that he knows he himself has caused. When Theo is crying on David's shoulder as he asks, `How do you tell someone you Love them'. The look of recognition on David's face makes the whole movie worthwhile. Theo is asking the very question that has bothered David for so long.

The romantic in me started anticipating a noble, tear wrenching ending ..

David would sacrifice his own feelings for the man he loves. He would go on TV come out and confess to breaking up the couple. Even the jealous girlfriend would have to believe such a public confession. Theo would get his piece of happiness even if it meant that he may never Forgive David or Forget. David would be sadder but wiser and see that there are other men out there other than his straight mate. And Theo would eventually recognize David's sacrifice and the healing would begin.

Well forget it. David opts for another approach and much of the pathos of the film escapes

Reviewed by jromanbaker1 / 10

Forget this one

Homosexuality is THE BIG THING in this TV drama and as I am intersted in all Gay/Queer film I forced myself to watch this. The pink car should have warned me at the beginning, and the closeted reaction of a believably mixed up guy who takes an awful time COMING OUT on a TV show. The ending is pitifully violent, and the last shot showed a sort of dizzying happiness ( camera literally revolving ). I disliked this so-called drama intensely and did not believe in the acting, which is crucial to any belief in watching a film. It was pedestrian in its direction and well below average, and it came from a dark age of Gay representation on television when ' the subject ' had to be put through a wringer. Perhaps in certain parts of the UK people have not moved on with this approach, but it is not an approach that I want to go anyway near. An ' entertainment ' for this who like watching Gay bashing especially when it comes from a ' friend '.

Reviewed by Jed from Toronto8 / 10

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

I gave this movie an "8" when I voted for it. It has a tight script and it's extremely well-acted, especially by the closeted gay actor. The ending was thoroughly stupid. It is still worth watching, but be prepared for an ending that is more 1963 than 2003.

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