An American Tragedy



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Reviewed by strategicmedia-8411610 / 10

Finally something to make you think!

What a wonderful labor of love! This documentary brings up important questions and is very well done. It has unique heart and is very fair in its presentation. Very real and raw-it is a great example of sincere emotion and faith. No doubt that it will leave a lasting impression. Could not recommend it more--not just your typical doc.

Reviewed by helenahandbasket-937346 / 10

Sympathy For The Devil

I've never been a believer in the death penalty- given the proclivity to convict innocent people only to discover later that the executed should have been exonerated, so to put someone to death in the name of the government is never the correct answer.

I'm so sorry to the family of the true victim- the Hall family has suffered so greatly and it's unfair to put any guilt upon them.

Ferguson and his mother, and now his daughter, should be ashamed. His mother followed Kelli's mother into the bathroom and screamed at her? What kind of monster behaves in such a manner? I'm sorry she felt it was unfair, but to belittle and accuse the mother of a murder victim is absolutely disgusting. He denied his abhorrent behavior for a long time, but ultimately made his peace with it, and admitted his guilt. I'm glad he was able to make repairs in his life and find a purpose, but ultimately his actions led him to this place.

His daughter, my. Where do I begin? Your father was an absolute monster. To claim he's 'not the man' that perpetrated this horrendous act is disgraceful. To claim he's a father, a grandfather, a good man, that's a bridge too far. He was a mean, hateful, despicable person who raped and murdered a girl who'll never experience life's grace- to get married, have a family of her own, become a grandmother, have a career, go to college, and was disposed of like a bag of trash. He saw a young girl as a toy to toss away when he had finished with her. I'm sorry the state executed your father and he got his act together in the end, but that by no means excuses the atrocities committed. You making an atrocity into some tragedy you're suffering is so selfish and shortsighted. You should feel great grace and blessings that Kelli's father has forgiven him and come to you in the spirit of peace. You need to realize how insignificant your loss is in comparison to what he took. Whether his execution was worth his crime is insignificant when comparatively speaking, the Hall family's loss is insurmountable and irreparable.

Not a bad documentary, but I'm a little disappointed that there was so much effort placed on Ferguson and his 'come to Jesus' finality- of course he would repent. Most do on death row; some just descend further into a hell of their own making, but most have some great epiphany. It's tragic he didn't have this realization BEFORE he raped and murdered Kelli. It's always someone else's fault, no trauma is so great that it warrants taking the life of another. Many of us suffer horrific injuries- rape, assault, abuse, etc., yet never resort to violence upon an innocent.

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