Finding Father Christmas


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled43%
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Wendie Malick as Margaret
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Niall Matter as Ian
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Erin Krakow as Miranda
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Aliyah O'Brien as Ellie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandcrab2775 / 10

father christmas my eye

That hayseed niall can't decide whether his shirt should be tucked in or left hanging out and he's never clean shaven.. the last christmas movie i saw him in he was an injury retired pro hockey player and in this one he is a lawyer yet he still dresses in the same duds from the other film .. his main occupation is handyman, yeah right ..erin krakow does a good job as a detective looking for father she never knew ... if you can get past the smarm, its watchable.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Well worth the find

The concept did sound interesting, not innovative but it didn't sound like too standard Hallmark. Am not one of those people, have said this more than once, that hates on anything from Hallmark (actually have liked a good deal of their festive efforts surprisingly, though they have done a lot of misfires) and tries to not judge them too seriously. Erin Krakow and Niall Matter have been somewhat hit and miss for me in their other work, an opinion that probably not everybody will share.

'Finding Father Christmas' contains some of the best work of both Krakow and Matter, will come onto that later. It is also not only one of Hallmark's best 2016 festive efforts (in a not particularly amazing year for them),but also towards being one of my favourites of theirs overall. While not quite a classic, 'Finding Father Christmas' surprisingly really impressed me. Was hoping that it would be at least average, but was not expecting it to be this good and proof that Hallmark do have good work in them.

Sometimes the script could have been tighter, parts are a little too heavy on the talk.

Also found the ending slightly rushed.

However, Krakow and Matter excel hugely in the lead roles. Krakow is a lot more restrained than she was in 'Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen', here she is quite understated but she never phones in and her performance is charming and heartfelt. Matter is a great sympathetic partner for her and gives a much better performance here than he did in 'Christmas at Dollywood', much more relaxed and looking a lot more engaged in the drama. The chemistry between them is natural and affecting, looking as though they did care for each other. Wendie Mallick is also terrific and is a breath of fresh air. The acting from all is well above average and the chemistry is always there and never looks disengaged or stiff, while the characters aren't complex they have enough to them to make them worth connecting with. The direction is sympathetic while never being dreary.

Visually, 'Finding Father Christmas' is slick and attractive. Hallmark often did deliver on the scenery, the locations were seldom authentic to the real thing but they still looked great and lovingly shot, and 'Finding Father Christmas' is no exception. There is a tendency in Hallmark to have the music too prominent and intrusive, found neither to be the case (not distractingly so anyhow) here. The script flows well and is easy to take seriously without being overly so. Really appreciated its sincerity, something that's evident in the story. There is not much innovative here and the mystery element is not surprising as much, but it's always compelling and has a warm heart delivered with little signs of heaviness. Without going too heavy on the schmaltz.

In conclusion, very well done. 8/10

Reviewed by Jackbv1238 / 10

Nice mystery love story

It was a nice mystery. Usually things are predictable but there were a couple things I expected which happened differently.

Erin Krakow plays humble, soft spoken and loving women very well. Niall Matter also did a nice job and they were good together. The actress playing Mrs. Whitcomb had good timing and played it just right.

The expected hookup was rushed, but I think that is to allow the mystery to take center stage.

Kids help make a Christmas movie and that's true here, but the little girl got attached to Miranda just a little too quickly.

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