Final Destiny



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Kerry Condon Photo
Kerry Condon as Sofia Gilchrist
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Kevin McGarry as Sebastien
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Cristina Rosato as Anushka
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Sheila McCarthy as Faradee Gilchrist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jbgrant3 / 10

Made for TV Characters and Writing

What struck me oddest is the absolutely flatness of the characters. We're dealing with the death of a man who's sister narrowly missed getting on a plane that crashed and all of the people around him. No one really seems sad - his mother, his sister, his boyfriend or the large circle of friends that he has (and his sister seems to share). There is way too much brevity even in the scenes his sister visits the crash site while it is literally still smoking. The scenes of his sister trying to grieve are forced and insincere and her interactions with the people around her are plastic and the dialog is like a 'movie of the week'. The mother doesn't seem to be either happy that her daughter survived nor the fact that her son did not.

The sets - the homes of the people involved and the offices - are also too perfectly staged. No one has clutter or personal mementos on display, the way our normal homes look. Phones and computers are always conveniently charged but never plugged in.

I only made it through about the first 30 minutes and found so much alarmingly wrong that I couldn't watch more. The production seems okay and the actors might be good if not for such a 'carefully' written script.

While others have commented with the number of gay characters, I found this okay, having been a "beard" for a number of friends. I didn't get through enough to comment on the Muslim characters.

Reviewed by bettycjung4 / 10

Somewhat promises but falters mid-way

3/26/18. Although the very beginning seemed somewhat promising, it sort of faltered a third of the way through and didn't make too much sense after that. Oh well.

Reviewed by jhr20123 / 10

Strange flick

What an odd movie. Sofia, the lead character, has to be the most annoying character ever. You are supposed to believe she is a dedicated, top notch investigator. But in reality, she's a workaholic, meddling, busy body that assumes everything is a conspiracy and will go to whatever lengths to prove she is right, no matter how unethical or illegal. If this were a true story, she would have been fired and/or arrested 30 minutes into the movie. The movie had potential but it goes woefully off track. Another Netflix special that is best avoided.

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