Blood Bound


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright71%
IMDb Rating3.910427

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Vanessa Rubio as Elicia
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Eden Brolin as Kerry
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Eric Nelsen as Sean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-6832745 / 10

I Want To Know Everything

I like the door kicking beginning...that was decent...

Okay so it turns out Sally Soforth, the sheriff's daughter, is part of a door kicking home invasion group. They end up breaking into the wrong home, the home of some spell slinging blood cult.

The premise is kinda cool. A little bit of Rosemary's Baby in here but of course no where close to that kind of cool..

It really would be lame to be mind controlled by someone else.

Okay weird ending but appropriate.

Really this movie just kinda averaged its way through everything. No big ups, no big downs.

Not too impressive. Not too Disappointing.


Reviewed by derekjay7 / 10

Not bad, not great.

I was pretty surprised by this movie. It's not a great movie, but the pacing seems decent. Do not rob people expecially if the practice the ocult. If you have nothing else this is a decent watch.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan5 / 10

My Review Of "Blood Bound"

"Blood Bound" is a weighted story, with family dynamics, personal conflict, and social complexities. On the surface it is a story about the occult, and overcoming supernatural evil. But to its depth it is a character melodrama pitting self identity against clan mentality. And aesthetically the juxtaposition between backdrops of scenic beauty against such dark and damaged characters is total arthouse.

At the beginning the story falters near to being forced, or convoluted. However it merely teeters there as characters become more developed and recognizable. It is mixed with some moments of quality acting and captivating storytelling. "Blood Bound" feels indie and at times it felt like a Lifetime movie, you know- the creepy kind they play during the Halloween season. I did keep asking "where's the horror"?!

There is some horror in the film but it comes nearly an hour into the story. The supernatural elements are slightly weak, mostly coming off as "make-believe". They seem too understated. The occult aspects beyond that are done nicely, and really give into the witchy vibe that LeMay is going for. Overall "Blood Bound" fails to gain any major ground as far as the horror, but the story is a good one and the film is worth checking out.

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