Female Teacher: In Front of the Students


Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh8 / 10

Beautiful teacher in sexual torture hell.

"Female Teacher:In Front of the Students" stars beautiful Rushia Santô as Reiko,who is raped in the bathroom by stocking masked rapist.Reiko wants to find him by looking for a piece of puzzle left by him near her.She kicks a student off the tennis team after he bullies his shy and introverted class mate.Angry young man lures Reiko to his house with the help of his girlfriend where beautiful teacher is repeatedly raped and sexually degraded.Another politically incorrect pinku eiga directed by Yasuaki "Femal Market" Ueagaki.Plenty of rape and sex plus controversial main theme of women's rape fantasies.The film is well-made and acted and quite stylish.Optical visual blurring is visible during one of the sex scenes.8 degraded female teachers out of 10.

Reviewed by blanbrn8 / 10

Love and a schoolboy crush leads to rape wow!

Just once again watched a Japan porn film from the Nikkatsu collection this one was quite steamy and raw as the story was strange and creep like, yet it was rightfully called "Female Teacher: In Front of the Students". It's the tale of Reiko a young school teacher who teaches at a school of hormone driven wild boys! She's attractive too and this leads to a brutal rape, then the story takes turns of twist and revenge as no one is who they seem! Which student is guilty who's after her and will this sex game of assault lead to a shocking discovery of apparent fate and a happy ending! This film really pushes and hams it up for Japan porn so if you have the urge check it out!

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