Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Kyle Gallner as Alex
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Greg Bryk as The Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by javakka4 / 10


Why did someone put money and effort into this mediocre short with cookie-cutter story and absent characters? If this was supposed to be a tie-in, then it doesn't give any background at all, above what we already know from trailers and featurettes. If this flick intended to drag along some audience that prefers live action instead of CGI, well, such shallow introduction could grab the attention of only really untempted movie-watchers. Hell, the opening scene of the game itself was not super-great by industry standards, but still an order of magnitude better that this dull movie.

Reviewed by andrew-c-harrell7 / 10

Not great , but...

This was a short movie made to tie in with a video game . It's basical a 30 minute commercial. What more could you expect ?

Reviewed by DanBarraclough047 / 10

Really not as bad as other reviews say.

Yes it wasn't amazing, but it was easy watching and entertaining. The characters mostly looked like they would in the game, and while the acting was far from Oscar worthy, it wasn't bad. Kudos to the makers of this, I feel it was quite low budget and it was decent and worth watching.

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