Big Eden


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Louise Fletcher as Grace Cornwell
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Arye Gross as Henry Hart
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Tim DeKay as Dean Stewart
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Corinne Bohrer as Anna Rudolph
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by harry-7610 / 10

A Magnificent Film Classic

Rarely have I been so moved by a film to procede to actually upgrade my initial celebratory comments on any cinematic work.

"Big Eden" is more than merely "delightful and memorable"; it's a truly great achievement, one of the all-time classics.

It took more than three viewings in a live theatre viewing to arrive at this revelation--in fact a half dozen showings. Not that the film's fine attributes were not initially apparent. Like many great works, new subtleties began to emerge during and after each subsequent viewing.

What a masterpiece this is. Under the guise of a light, liesurely paced romantic drama is housed one of the most prophetic and philosophical revelations of the happiness and beauty in the life experience ever put on film. It has never happened like this before ever, to my knowledge, on stage or screen.

The discovery is inspirational. I was so moved as to write Producer Jennifer Chaiken, urging her to encourage the film to be held as long as possible during its unfortunately "limited run" in order to build up word-of-mouth following. I further asserted this is an essential family film for childern and adults of all ages that should play in every major and minor movie house in American and throughout the world.

Chaiken replied to my e mail, informing that the production team signed with the largest distributor available, that no major distributor would take on the film. It's thus up to each and every one of us who understand and appreciate the greatness of this film work to spread the word. Personally I'm proud and honored to be laud this work to all of my friends and acquaintances.

As far as I'm concerned, "Big Eden" is one of the major cinematic classics of all time.

Reviewed by Lechuguilla7 / 10

Warm-hearted People In Cold Montana

An artist living in NYC returns home to Big Eden, a rural area of Montana, to care for his ailing grandfather. The artist gets reacquainted with people from his past, including an old high school friend. Romantic complications ensue.

This is not a film for viewers looking for lots of fast paced action and excitement. It's more of a character study that focuses on the lives of warm-hearted, ordinary people who are caring and sensitive. People spend a lot of time cooking and eating. (I don't recall a film in which there was so much food). More idealistic than realistic, the film's underlying contemporary message is a welcome change from the usual Hollywood gloom and doom theme. On the other hand, some of the relationships between characters are not obvious, which renders a slightly muddled story.

Overall, "Big Eden" is a well-made movie with good production design, adroit cinematography (that captures a beautiful landscape),and fine acting. And, I like the Tex-Mex music, though to someone like me who lives in Texas, the music seems a little out of place ... so to speak. But maybe not.

One of the best things about "Big Eden" is the inclusion of Nan Martin as an elderly gadabout. With her deep-throated voice and her animated expressions, she stands out as a unique, and thoroughly entertaining, actress. Would love to see her in more films.

Reviewed by pyotr-310 / 10

Best little film ever made

Unbelievably wonderful performances by all the main actors in "Big Eden" make for one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Arye Gross plays Henry, a New Yorker who returns home to the rural West when to take care of his ailing grandfather. There he runs into his old friend Dean (played by the irresistible Tim DeKay),seemingly bisexual but it turns out he is straight, who is now divorced, with 2 children. The old fascination with Dean is rekindled - but meanwhile another man from his past, Pike (played with amazing depth and dignity by Eric Schweig),a Native American, is smitten with Henry.

Henry is no cook, so he arranges for the Widow Thayer - played by Nan Martin in the most delightfully memorable manner - to cook meals for he and his ailing grandfather Sam (the wonderful George Coe). Widow Thayer's meals are horrible (famously horrible) so Pike starts to cook Henry & Sam's meals himself without telling them. He is totally in love with Henry, but can't work up the nerve to let him know so. He just pours his love into the meals that he prepares.

Will Henry & Pike get together? Or will Henry remain smitten with Dean? This delightful film doesn't let you know until the end.

One of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in a film takes place in this film: Pike sees a painting that Henry did of stars at night. He then tells a story from his tribe about children who floated up into the sky and became stars. I won't attempt to tell the story here, but I assure you that this one story is one of the most beautiful things you will ever hear or see. It applies perfectly to Henry's situation, but it is a story that anyone can relate to and learn from.

"Big Eden" is simple yet elegant. It is country yet universal. It is "Andy of Mayberry" for the modern era, a microcosm of how the world ought to be. So stunningly beautiful that you will want to watch it over and over and over again.

Bravo! to everyone associated with this loving, magnificent film!

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