Evil Stepmom


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Ishan Morris as Mike
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Tara Spencer-Nairn as Caroline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gab-675995 / 10

Done Before

This story has been recycled but with the horrible acting and adding nothing new to the scenario this movie felt so dull. Predictable and unimaginatively done. If your looking for a movie that has zero surprises then this is a movie for you.

Reviewed by tomfsloan5 / 10

Not too bad.

Evil stepmom. Surprisingly better than I expected. I thought the daughters did a very good job of acting. And they even looked like sisters. The plot could have been clearer. The evil step mother's motivation was vague and didn't come about until the very end. The stupid dad was so obtuse. Gabriella needed to have her camera on to record everything from the first minute. She NEEDS to take pictures of all the evidence she sees to show her stupid dad and doubting sister! (Also, the dad never married her, so she was never the "stepmom"). The dads acting has room for improvement. So does the evil stepmom for that matter. Typical stupid climax.

Reviewed by ashdoginc4 / 10

Bad but funny

The concept of this movie is certainly not new, so with Evil Step Mom (Evil Soccer Mom) it had to measure up with the likes of The Step Father (1987)... and it fails laughably.

If you have a sense of humor like mine, you'll find every stupid twist in this movie make you smile. The father is particularly dumb.

Basically it's the kind of movie to watch if you have nothing better to do. I think once was enough for me.

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