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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hip_school_preppie3 / 10

More Funny than Anything Else

Evil Laugh is a poor attempt at trying to jump on the 80's slasher band wagon. The gore factor is OK, but the cheese, oh my God the 80's cheese! The music is borderline unbearable, and the dancing doesn't help either. It does make you laugh though, as does some of the acting. The chest rubbing joke was cracking me up. Not the worst I've seen, and you might find it somewhat entertaining, but not because of scares. I dunno where the hooded skull character on the cover comes from either. The killer looks more like a 5 foot tall burglar wearing some type of wrestling head gear. This is the second "Lucky 13" flick I've seen, and they're not exactly winning me over.

Reviewed by Tikkin5 / 10

Predictable, but mildly amusing

Evil Laugh isn't particularly original or special but it's entertaining enough for a slasher film and has some decent death scenes. I think the lack of originality was what spoilt it for me, it's the same old routine of having a bunch of people in a house where they get killed off one by one. There's some amusing moments though, one example being at the beginning of the film when the killer takes out a mans heart, which later gets used in a meal that his friends eat. There also seems to be a bit of slasher film 'self referencing' going on too, with mentions of Halloween and Friday the Thirteenth. Some slasher fans like that sort of thing, but personally I think it brings the film down as it seems too self-conscious.

Overall a good addition to any slasher fans collection, but there's still much better out there.

Reviewed by acidburn-106 / 10

The title is only half right

The plot to this movie, well it's that same old routine Slasher movie plot = A couple of friends travel out to a house in the country to fix it up and make it a foster home again. Ten years ago the foster home was shut down as a madman called Martin killed all the kids. They are supposed to meet Jerry at the house but when he never shows up, the friends start to suspect that something's wrong. They decide to try to not think about it too much and have some fun instead and start working in the morning. That might not be such a good idea since some of them will probably never get to see the morning as it seems as if Martin has come back to the house.

Well for one thing I have to say the title is half right it does have a laugh but it sure as hell wasn't an evil laugh but the cover is rather deceiving I was expecting someone in a reaper mask to pop up and kill the teens, but nope, no reaper mask in sight. We do get a very silly mask near the ending though, which we were only to see in the last 2 or 3 killings and not in the first ones, was there some point of that.

The directing is so and so, nothing too special, but I have to say that I was impressed by the use of lights in the dark basement, you can see everything that you're meant to see in the dark and that's not very common in horror movies, especially not slashers. But to be honest the movie isn't all bad I mean it does have one original kill death by microwave that's the only reason why I gave this movie an extra star.

All in all I didn't think this was that bad but I have to say that it didn't live up to my expectations, nor its box art. For a slasher fan like myself, this was quite entertaining. But I really think you have to be a slasher fan to be able to watch this movie since it is pretty cheesy and slow in some parts. I might watch this again and see if it grows in my mind, though, I highly suspect that it won't.

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