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Jim Varney as Pvt. Ernest P. Worrell / Army Captain / Arab on Quicksand
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John R. Cherry III as Sgt. Ben Kovsky - aka 'Sarge'
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Daniel Kash as Danny - Crew Guy
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Reviewed by ericstevenson4 / 10

Farewell, Jim Varney more or less

This is the last of the many Ernest movies and I'm surprised that the only one I saw before was "Ernest Saves Christmas". It's kind of a shame as that was probably the best in the whole series. The Ernest P. Warrell character started out doing commercials and they made a lot movie series out of him. As you might have guessed, it's really hard to stretch a character that was funny in a few commercials into an entire length of movies. Even sketch comedy doesn't work as badly as that. It's mostly just nothing but childish jokes.

It was actually weird to see a 1998 movie about fighting in the Middle East. It actually makes me weirdly nostalgic for that time period pre 911 when there wasn't really a major threat like communism or terrorism. I guess there was still warfare and there always will be. The kid and woman character in the film honestly don't do that bad of a job. Ernest would have been funny as like a side character but to make entire movies focused on him is annoying. At least we got that great Santa. *1/2

Reviewed by bug7610 / 10

Jim Varney-one of a kind

Having served in the United States Army while this was in production, of course, I'll have a soft spot for this movie. Ernest was serving while I was serving. Pretty cool. Besides, it has Ernest(Varney). Two of my favorite one liners: "I'm poultry in motion" and "No ma'am, I'm Southern Baptist". Varney always gave 110% to his Ernest character and every other character he's portrayed. I do love his Sgt. Glory character and I'm glad to have seen more of him in not only this movie but in the "Hey, Vern! It's Ernest" series. I do realize that when this was made, Varney was suffering from lung cancer though didn't release the info until August of 1998. I really wanted to see 'Ernest the Pirate' and I heard it was almost through before he passed away. What a legend of a guy. Varney and Ernest were so interwoven together that he has made him irreplaceable. Shame on Cherry for trying out a 'New Ernest'. Ernest fans should get this. People who have served or are now serving in the military should get this. This movie had a lot of heart, just like all the Ernest movies did. At first, Ernest is conned into giving Ben-Ali money for a lucky charm but when Ernest saves Ben-Ali from bullies, he gives all his money back and befriends Ernest, who always seem to take in the disadvantaged kids in every movie. That's why we love Ernest. He's the underdog and wears his heart on the outside for the whole world to see. He always helped those who needed it most. He even helped those who ridiculed him. Jim 'Ernest' Varney will always live on. Of course, Ernest gets electrocuted, always a joy to watch. It never fails to make me laugh. R.I.P. Varney 1949-2000. You're still in our hearts. Your movies will always have a place in my DVD player.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Not a good note for the 'Ernest' series to go out on

Have made it quite a few times clear of enjoying, while acknowledging they had faults, most of the 'Ernest' films in a guilty pleasure sort of way (if more the theatrically released ones than the straight to video ones). Also to liking the character of Ernest.

To me, the best 'Ernest' films are 'Saves Christmas', 'Goes to Jail', 'Scared Stupid' and 'Goes to Camp', 'Rides Again' also had its fun elements. While they weren't great films and had their faults, they entertained and it was easier to take them for what they set out to do. The straight to video films were less good, not terrible but visibly looked cheaper, the humour became much more inconsistent, the stories thinner and more contrived and the silliness got too much at times too. From personal opinion, the two weakest of the 'Ernest' films are 'Goes to Africa' and 'In the Army'.

'Ernest in the Army' has redeeming qualities, all of the 'Ernest' films did regardless of the near-universal critical mauling all of them get. The best things about it are the music and Jim Varney. The music is full of rocking energy and affectionate nostalgia and really adds a great deal to the action in the film. It's hard still not to relate to Ernest, the sort of character that is a well-intended serial bumbler with a well-meaning big strong heart but always finding himself messing up without intention.

Varney is fun and likable in the role, to me there is enough freshness in the interpretation to not make it too tired or endless mugging and his performance does give the film much needed energy. A few parts are funny, especially with the gummy bears, the pancake and the electric fence.

However, the supporting cast don't really give very much and some are moronically annoying in their overwrought-ness (though not Linda Kash in 'Goes to Africa' annoying). The story is just as thin, dumb and dull as the one in 'Goes to Africa', and also suffers from a tacked on subplot with the kid and sentimentality that is too hard to stomach (this element usually has a lot of heart in the 'Ernest' films, here it was overkill).

The humour works a few times but they only happen in glimpsing flashes rather than as an overall whole. Nobody expects a sophisticated script in an 'Ernest' film, that was well established with as far back as 'Ernest Goes to Camp' (that's right the one that started it all off) and it's like expecting a porn star to have acting talent. The script however is truly witlessly infantile with constant groans and head shakes than laughter, hearing some of it is enough to make one feel like their IQ has significantly dropped.

Likewise with the gags, which suffer from being childish and contrived and from lack of momentum from some going on too long. Pacing is dull and makes the short running time feel longer, while the direction is just as dull and bordering on ineptly clumsy. It's also one of the cheaper-looking of the series, especially in some amateurish camera work.

Overall, one of the weaker 'Ernest' films and not a good note to go out on. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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