Ernest Saves Christmas


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten36%
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Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrell / Aster Clement / Auntie Nelda / The Snake Guy
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Gailard Sartain as Chuck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz5 / 10

Not a Christmas classic, but not the fiasco of others.

Of all of the Ernest movies, this is by far the most well reviewed, and the dumb but sweet character played by Jim Varney is at his most poignant here. He plays a variety of other characters, of course Ernest in Disguise, as he helps an old man visiting from way up North who's passport identifies him as Santa Claus. There's also a troubled young girl (Noelle Parker) whom Ernest takes under his wing, that is it becomes clear that the old man (Douglas Seale) is indeed Santa, Varney and Parker go out of their way to help him find a TV entertainer (Oliver Clark) who is destined to take over when Seale retires.

So you learn something everyday, that there was a new Santa pretty much every hundred years, and Seale is delightfully sweet but tough. Clark works for a bunch of insensitive rating and profit obsessed cynics, but it's obvious that Clark has what it takes to be the next reindeer coach. You do indeed get reindeer who has the ability to walk on the ceiling, and that visual is very funny.

Actually, there are a lot of funny visuals, particularly when Santa arrives at the airport, has his passport checked, and is deemed to be a not among an airline terminal filled with holiday traveling nuts. There's a lot of magic in this childlike holiday comedy that adults that missed it can enjoy for a one-time viewing. Varney gets some very funny disguises, including one that looks amazingly like Jed Clampett, a role he would play later on, and another in drag. Lots to enjoy in this sentimental holiday comedy, definitely a cute stocking stuffer.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg6 / 10

Keep it going when possible.

There was never anything particularly special about the Ernest movies: mostly they were excuses to have a series of nonsensical gags. But still, they were fun to watch. And believe you me, this one sure is. "Ernest Saves Christmas" has lovable hick Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) trying to help Santa Claus find a new person to deliver toys. Yep, you read that right. Like I said, most of the movie is a bunch of silly gags (particularly when Ernest is in Santa's sleigh),but they do it with heart. If it's sappy at times, the really funny parts make up for that (you'll recognize them when you see the movie). Knowwhaddamean?

Reviewed by MartinHafer5 / 10

dumb but watchable--especially for the kids

I am NOT an Ernest fan, so my review should be seen in that light. I have only completely watched 2 of these films (this one and Ernest Goes to Jail) and could not make myself sit through several others that were simply unwatchable for most adults. What made the 2 I actually did finish watching different is that they were mildly entertaining fluff that wouldn't irritate adult viewers and actually had some funny bits (Ernest Goes to Camp and all the other films I TRIED watching would most certainly irritate most adults). It has some cute moments and I can certainly think of many worse holiday films. It's about the same quality level as the Santa Clause movies. So, if your kids want to watch this, give it a chance. Yes, the humor is rather sophomoric at times but it's not a bad flick.

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