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Beau Bridges as Bob Gault
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Jamie Chung as Eden
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

functional drama about some ugly stuff

It's June 1994. Hyun Jae Eden (Jamie Chung) works at the family store. She goes to a bar with her friend Abbie and a fake ID. She meets Jesse and gets a ride home from him. She notices that he's a fake fireman but it's too late. She's kidnapped. Federal Marshall Bob Gault (Beau Bridges) kills a Deputy and a local who found a dead girl in a ditch. He runs a rape camp that has many girls imprisoned out in the desert. After a year, Eden starts to befriend the crack smoking lackey Vaughan.

It's not realistic enough to be harrowing or compelling. It's not horrific enough to be scary. It's not a thriller. The problem is that it plays more like a B-level horror without any scares. It is simply one ugliness after another. Eden needs to plot an escape and make this more like a prison movie. Jamie Chung tries to maintain a realism to her performance showing flashes of humanity while keeping her facade. It's a functional drama.

Reviewed by Prismark105 / 10

Truth or lies behind bars

This is a competent women in prison and in peril type of film with a wrapper of being based on true events. However the truth is questionable as the story involves a high ranking police official running an extensive, underground network of sex slaves who is killed. Well I am sure the TV news stations would be all over this story in the 1990s yet I have heard or seen nothing.

The film is about a Korean-American Chong Kim, a 19 year old student on a night out is drugged, kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. She manages to survive, gain the trust of one of her abductors and manages to escape.

The film is well made, competently acted, lurid and disturbing enough. At times equally gripping as well silly. However the tag line of the story being true overpowers the film as you see events unfold. We live in a 24 hours multi channel television world and no one has uncovered the truth which makes me doubt the veracity of this movie.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10


Eden (Jamie Chung) is an Asian born American who is kidnapped and forced into a prostitution ring, being held captive against her will with a group of other young women. It was based on a true story and as such I waited the whole film for her to escape. The action was slow paced. This film is not the exploitation type film that normally accompany this genre, but it wasn't a hard hitting film to bring the problem of forced prostitution to light.

The acting was good, but the film ran in circles. If you took out the profanity and a few near sex scenes, this could have been a Lifetime Film which have yet to find their way into my heart. If you like that Lifetime entertainment and don't mind the spicy language, then go for it.

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