Due West: Our Sex Journey

2012 [CN]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by F191 / 10

Absolute Trash

One of the worst, if not the worst.

Don't spend a single cent on it unless you like really low, trashy movies.

Reviewed by poldasimo1 / 10



Reviewed by PeterMitchell-506-5643647 / 10

This summer, head west

Due West has got everything- sex, nudity, boobs, humor, more nudity, sex, good acting, more boobs and more sex, even a teeny bit of violence if I recall, which runs in an equal measure that I liked. Judging from the inviting poster, that obviously promotes the title, I knew this movie would be rated R, before the rating was revealed. It was a good night at the movies, and I'm sure it was for the other seven or so people. And again, like the outlandish, loud, and excessive Sex and Zen, 3D, that came out, in it's year prior, I was the only Aussie here too. It was the same with 33 D Invader, which I'm still longing for it to come on DVD. But, I think there's zero chance it will. These out there, Asian sex movies, are the kind of in thing now, catering sadly only to the Asian audience. They're many others too, like the Lan Kwan Fong movies, etc, where there's even a slim chance, these ones would hit Asian DVD stores in Adelaide. This one, there could be a fifty fifty chance it might hit the DVD stores. This one, I found refreshing. What we have is an insecure Asian student in his sexual prime. He falls in love with a hottie. They have sex. And like all us males know our hormones get the better of us. We just can't keep it our pants. Feelings have to be reciprocated, and we have to be respectful of each other's needs in relationships, and this is where this kid is lacking. What is he doing wrong? What's the cure? At the encouragement of his friends, he heads west to check out all the brothels, where he has more helpings of sex. The journey of the story eases along in, unhurried, one of this movie's shining qualities. There are some very hot and arousing moments, mainly in the brothels that are eye catching, like it's beauties, their attire loud. The only thing the young kid never counted on, was falling in love with one of the pros, who kind of puts him back on track, and re-directs him on the path to reconciling with his ex, after he realizes there's no future in this relationship. She also boosts his confidence in the act of lovemaking, and in the sex department. On his return home, check out what he says, when the ticket man asks him, if he's alright. The dialogue is smartly funny. I don't where these writers come from. By the end too, that falls just short of two hours, we too feel exhausted from this journey. The tent scene early in the film where him and his mate, and their girls go camping, has a twisted humor, and a realism about it too. We all picture doing our mate's girl if she's better looking. To all you non Asian's out there, see this flick when it hits DVD. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how good and hot it really is.

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