Druid Peak


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anmer939 / 10

Fantastic film!

A fantastic film, charming uplifting, thought-provoking visually striking and incredibly well acted. Great to see the kid from Unbreakable doing excellent work.

Reviewed by Kaygee9069 / 10

Great feel good film set at a good pace

This is just one of those films that makes you smile and feel good inside. If that's the kind of movie you're looking for, I highly recommend it. The acting was great, it was well paced and never boring, and the scenery was beautiful. I also learned a thing or two about how the DNR monitors wolves.

It's about a teen who gets in trouble and is sent to live with his father who happens to be a DNR officer, whose focus is on wolves. The teen finds the work to be fascinating and rewarding and discovers that other influences (weather, nature, humans, animals) affect wolves & everything is connected in some way. With this he also realizes that his decisions connect him to others in either a good way or bad way and that he needs to address his prior bad choices. He learns that the bad choices don't define him as a person; there's not good people or bad people, it's the choices a person makes, and he'd rather live his life doing good things and making good choices.

For the negative reviews, I'd say that those people, a. didn't really pay attention during the film, b. Are super judgmental and don't believe a person can change, or c. Are too dumb to grasp any of the underlying messages.

All in all, I definitely recommend this film.

Reviewed by karen-loethen8 / 10

Sappy? Sure. But also redeeming.

If you're looking for a decent, beautiful film with heart and hope, this is it. Filmed in beautiful Wyoming and Utah, the cinematic glory of the setting goes on and on. Now add a beautiful message from the grungy, silent, wise dad that we are all connected. Now add the hope of a sad and angry teenager finding meaning and goodness in the wilds where the wolves roam...

What more can you ask for?

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