Double Date


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled52%
IMDb Rating5.9102631

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfpmndla5 / 10


I think I would have liked this film much more if I could have seen and heard it better. Throughout the movie, it was difficult to follow the action because virtually all scenes were dimly lit. Similarly, it was somewhat difficult to appreciate the dialog because the actors' voices were drowned out by ambient noise.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Double the fun?

A double date itself can be a nice thing. Unless you are going on a date with someone wicked I guess. So we do get an introduction to our two female co-leads and know what they are capable of. And then we get a sort of Joey-Chandler combo with our male main characters (from the TV Show "Friends", in case you don't know those names). And there is a lot of humor amongst the horror.

There are some decent effects and quite a few of the jokes are really good. Not everything works good enough though to make this a top dog contender though. We do have a certain path, that is predictable, but I wouldn't hold this too much against the movie. You know from the get go, where this is leading. What it does is almost holding that fine line between horror and comedy throughout. If that is your thing, enjoy

Reviewed by jimbo-53-1865116 / 10

Totally bonkers and terrible in places, but it's also memorable and quite entertaining

Jim (Danny Morgan) is a shy 29 year old virgin who has panic attacks when it comes to getting 'down to business' with women. His friend Alex (Michael Socha) wants to change all of that and is determined to make sure that he gets Jim laid before his approaching 30th birthday. Both men think their luck is in when they meet beautiful sisters Kitty (Kelly Wenham) and Lulu (Georgina Groome). However, appearances can be deceptive and it turns out that Jim and Alex are being lined up as the next victims of the sisters who are otherwise known as the Maneaters...

Although Double Date has a rather brutal opening sequence it does, at least for a short time, present a rather stock set-up to its story; awkward virgin wants to get laid but doesn't know how to go about it so he enlists advice from his more cocksure friend (whom it seems is overtly reliant on bravado rather than any genuine appeal to the opposite sex). To an extent this works because Jim is a nice guy and therefore he is a character that I found myself being able to get on side with. Alex is slightly less likeable, but to be fair I did feel that he was more misguided than anything and I did feel that he genuinely cared for Jim. Things take a darker turn when the girls are introduced to the story and it's ironic that it's Jim's lack of sexual experience/sex appeal that draws the girls towards him - they need a virgin as their final sacrifice in order to bring their dad back to life (that's the bonkers part of the story). What basically follows from this point onwards is a bit of a mad 'comedy horror' film; to its credit it does both of these things rather admirably. The comedy aspects of the film mostly come from Alex and Jim whose conversations at times don't feel like they'd be out of place in an American Pie film. These things are juxtaposed with the girls who clearly bring out the sinister side of the story which provides a nice counter-balance to the frat boy humour.

Whilst Double Date is funny, dark, creepy and mostly on point it does go a little overboard in a few respects; the scenes at Jim's house were a bit cringe-inducing and not particularly funny. The whole storyline of sacrificing a virgin to bring their father back to life was totally nuts as well as being poorly explained - you have to see what happens at the end to understand what I'm getting at but trust me it is completely mental.

The performances from the main players aren't anything to write home about; they all do OK, but both Wenham and Socha both lay it on a bit thick in some of their scenes towards the end and did have a tendency to overact - although Wenham is sexy and sultry and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that she was born in Stockport which is where I was born and raised. Morgan and Groome are much more natural as the more normal two of the foursome who find themselves gradually being drawn to one another.

Double Date has some major flaws, is totally bonkers and its plotting is absolutely absurd. However, as a comedy horror it does work as it is creepy, funny, entertaining and most importantly it's memorable.

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