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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieman_kev2 / 10

if it's presented by National Lampoon it's crap

A stupid teen supposed comedy that revolves a serious of misunderstanding including (but not limited to) a hooker being confused with a foreign exchange student, girlfriend beating, a girl loving a gay guy, and the straight guy that loves her, and bitchy gossipers. None of the following is funny or even amusing. Nation Lampoon's use to be hilarious back in the day. Now the name is sadly synonymous with crap. And this one is NO exception. I use to think Topenga was kinda cute when she was on "Boy Meets World", but it seems she let herself go (and yes I know she has a name, but into she does ANYthing else worthwhile, she'll stay as Topenga)

My Grade: D

Eye Candy: Kati Lohmann gets topless; Boti Bliss relies on a body double (BOOOOO!!!)

Reviewed by Robert_duder5 / 10

A confusing effort at a teen raunchy comedy

Dorm Daze was for the most part exactly what you would expect which..if you're watching the movie, obviously is what you want to see. It is typical National Lampoon's for the most part and as of recently Lampoon's slew of videos ie: Blackball, Golddiggers etc. it's a place for former teen sitcom stars to settle down to something stupid. They tried a very specific style of comedy in this round which is the misunderstandings that worked so well for Three's Company back so many decades ago. The misunderstanding thing is funny but overdone to the most massive extent in this movie.

Dorm Daze is the story of a co-ed Dorm on the brink of Christmas holidays. Many have gone home and only a few remain. The friends have some interesting things going on. Booker's older brother Styles wants Booker to lose his virginity so he has hired him a hooker but Booker is in love with another girl. A french foreign exchange student who has the same name as the hooker who is arriving is coming to campus to meet with another guy to go on a Christmas break trip together. And then to top it all off a bag full of cash (30,000$) has been sent mistakenly to one of the girls. All these things get intermixed with chaotic confusion among the students. The two girls are mistaken for one another and the cash is being lost and found through everyone in the dorm in a purse that has a look alike also in the dorm. Chaos!!! The comedy entirely comes from the mistaken identities and mix ups and some of it rather funny. The downside comes from the lack of plot anywhere else in the film. It all bases itself around that. As other people have noted on here this film...although there isn't a lot to it drags on for what seems like hours!!! It's a very short movie and yet seems to go on and on and on. The cast is okay...they are as good as you can expect from this. Tatyana Ali (Ashley from Fresh Prince) seems be touted as the star although she doesn't hold the movie by any one really does. Overall this is just a silly average movie that won't hold anyones attention for very long as all the recent entries in National Lampoon's seems to be. They don't even go for over the top disgusting humor anymore...not that I'm your money and time for something else.


Reviewed by MidnightWarrior8 / 10

Good fun!

DISCLAIMER: This film is not your average classical Hollywood film! People going into this film expecting a normal film, a softcore porn film, or some kind of sex romp will be very disappointed.

Your disappointment should not cause you to make unfair and bias reviews towards this film - once you understand what kind of a film it is (or is trying to be),then you can make an informed review and appreciate it for what's it worth.

Please do not get me wrong - this film has Hollywood production values, but the script of the film leans more towards the classification as an avant-garde film rather than a classical Hollywood film. END DISCLAIMER

This story takes place in a college campus dormitory. Since it's Christmas time and the end of the semester, several students are leaving the dorms to go back to their families (including the R.A.). The film begins with two brothers, one who's sex obsessed and the other who wants to keep his virginity for the fair maiden across the hall. The sex obsessed brother has hired a prostitute named Dominique (Boti Bliss) to satisfy his brother and then himself (separately, mind you). The shy brother wants nothing to do with the prostitute, much to his brother's disliking.

Another one of the residents, named Wang, is expecting a foreign exchange student from France who's name is also Dominique. Meanwhile, word has spread around the dorm that a prostitute will be arriving. Two girls, Marla and Lynn (also known as the dorm's gossip, snobby girls),vow not to let that "whore" in and make plans to stop her from coming in. Another girl, Rachel, is friends with Claire (Tatyana Ali) and has borrowed and mistakenly lost a purse Claire's grandmother gave Claire. Another student, about to flunk out of college because of finances, receives a package with a purse in it(similar to Claire's) containing $30,000 and a note with a phone number.

The farce is on as we meet more characters and their unique plot lines. This film is a non-stop laugh fest packed with sexual innuendos.

This movie reminded me of the end portion of almost every Benny Hill series: anyone who has seen the series would remember where the producers would edit the soundtrack to play some wild soundtrack while we would see Benny Hill running around as people chase him.

For those who have not seen Benny Hill, think of the Three Stooges or the early Charlie Chaplain films. This movie is nothing but a funny Farce which gets tiresome after 3/4 of the movie. But for those who were expecting some kind of sex romp, it looks like National Lampoon had the last laugh on you.

Bottom line: If you have a taste for experimental cinema (like Peter Seller's The Party) and want to laugh at a farce, then go watch it. I would recommend this film only to these people, not those expecting a classical Hollywood film.

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