Dorm Daze 2


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Danielle Fishel Photo
Danielle Fishel as Marla
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Justin Whalin as Foosball
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Charles Shaughnessy as Professor Rex Cavendish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Floated22 / 10

Unfunny and a mess

Having not seen the original Dorm Daze but seeing this sequel randomly, expected some laughs with a simple type plot. As a film, this film is painfully unfunny where you can tell the actors are trying really hard in being funny, that it comes across as cringe. A lot of characters are involved with many subplots occurring at the same time with most of them being uninteresting that it becomes a mess.

Seemingly compared to the American Pie films but only a couple minutes and we see this is nowhere near the level. Only for late night viewing and even so, there are better options out there.

Reviewed by preppy-32 / 10

Pretty awful but what can you expect from a National Lampoon movie?

Sequel to "Dorm Daze" (which I didn't see). It involves a class of college kids aboard a huge liner where "hilarious" hijinks occur. We have the ugly repulsive guys trying to get laid, the horny virgins, the stoners, the nymphomaniacs, the girls who might be lesbians, the gratuitous female nudity and a kleptomaniac monkey (seriously). I was expecting very little and that's exactly what I got. Almost all the jokes are terrible and the plots are stupid. Also I've never seen such a poor distribution of plots. They go careening all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Also seriously--most of the male "stars" of this movie are out of shape and quite frankly ugly. Yet we have all these beautiful women falling all over themselves to get to them! This gets two stars for a few reasons--there's a bunch of fairly hot nude men at the end (back view only),there are some funny jokes and some of the acting is not half bad (most of the women here are pretty good actors). But, all in all, this is a pretty bad t&a flick.

Reviewed by tbills25 / 10

Dorm Daze 2!!!!!

Never really seen the first Dorm Daze but I need to. This is Hollywood's version of a sofcore nudie flick with its sexually energized plot only there's not nearly enough breasts/boobs/cans. Danielle Fishel, China Shavers and Jennifer Lyons are way cool.

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