Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

2021 [SPANISH]

Animation / Family / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cornishcarrot1 / 10

Worse animation than the 80s kids cartoon

Ignore the obvious fake reviews from shills, the crude animation would have looked bad 20 years ago and the charmless 3d renditions of the characters have none of the personality or details of the 80s cartoon. Even the crappy clipart 2d animation flashback scenes are infinitely better than the awful, barely animated CG that looks like a student project

As an 80s kid who loved the original I was nostalgia baited into watching this disaster and regret every minute. Absolutely unnecessary and a totally pointless remake that misses the mark in every way.

Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox7 / 10

Good Movie, But May Not Be Everyone's Top Dog

TBH, when I saw the test footage of this film, I thought this was cancelled. However, it was done and released only in Spain and the United Kingdom.

Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds is a remake of the classic 1980's Spanish-Japanese cartoon that is based on the 1844 classic tale, The Three Musketeers, the movie is basically a retelling of the series, starting with Dogtanian and his father's duel. After defeating his father, he earns the family heirloom, the Omega Sword, and is sent to Paris to become a Muskehound, only to team up with three of them, Anthos, Porthos, and Aramis, as well as Juliette, a lady in waiting Dogtanian falls in love with, and Pip, a mouse thief who becomes his squire, to save France from an evil plot from Cardinal Richelieu, who aims to sieze the throne by starting war between France and England.

Now, this may not be a film for everyone who grew up with the original cartoon. There are new voice actors (and whoevers voices Dogtanian is good, but not as good as the legendary Cam Clarke, the original English voice of the hero),and it does add characters not seen in the original (like Pip, who can be found as annoying),but it does a good job with the story (adding in more details and even some 2D scenes that look like the original series updated). I recommend watching this and coming to your own conclusion, but I see it as a good film in my book.

Reviewed by sarcasm_for_free6 / 10

Much better than I expected.

As a watcher of the TV series, I watched this with interest to see what was better/worse than it.

First of all, the new CGI animation was good. Not exactly Disney quality, but when you can count the amount of wrinkles on the end of a dog's nose, I'm officially impressed.

I was also pleased with the way the characters were portrayed. Not just Dogtanian and the musketeers, but other underwritten characters from the show like Milady and Juliet get more to do here and have noticeably stronger personalities.

Even Pip, who annoyed me immensely in the original because he always seemed so out of place, actually has a place and a reason for existing. And when the film actually got me to LIKE him, you know it's doing something right.

On the downside, there is a pretty awful love song here which fortunately isn't on for very long (unless you want to torture yourself by staying through the credits). And the plot structure is very predictable, especially if you've already sat through other iterations of this oft-told tale before.

Still, those are minor quibbles in the great scheme of things. This film surpassed all my expectations, and I recommend it mostly for fans of the old show (you may even spot a few tributes to it, if you keep your eyes peeled). Who knows, maybe even your kids will like it too... ;) 6/10.

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