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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gladys-lillian7 / 10

Updated on my rate for this film.

I've rewatched this film although some parts are really confusing I've come to the conclusion that in the end the family have been possessed by whatever is in the desert. I also believe that when they are taken over their entity's souls etc end up In the crows. Because at the end the little girl is feeding a crow that flies off and you see it snapping photos. This I believe is Matts spirit as he loved taking photos. Also. Crows can't talk so they can't tell anyone what's been going on. The one at the end took food from the little girl. Like it knew her of course it did because it was his sister before whatever took her over. After watching again I do actually like it even tho is was confusing.

Reviewed by darren-193-4843523 / 10

Flat , boring, stiff acting

This move is flat and boring. There is nothing interesting about it. It feels like a sophomore project from a film student. I am sure of that blame can fall upon the editor's hands. But I feel it starts with lack of good directing and cinematography - bland shots with bland acting within. Lots of scenes feel like did not have coverage shots to allow for alternate editing choices. I believe that is why it cannot fall upon the editors. It also feels like it was shot on different types of cameras. Some footage is rich and deep in color, but then one gets hit in the face with a washed out shot that seems disjointed from the rest.

A couple of the actors are decent, but the rest are like anchors pulling the movie down. With monotone acting and monotone voice overs.

The script is also not the greatest - feels like they wanted a 1930s feel set in modern times. News alert - the 1930s were actually vibrant times

Reviewed by buttyfrench10 / 10

I luvs me great mystery!

If you is talking about great mystery movies you is talking about this one! The Fillsoner Corporation has been doing great things lately with films and dehydrated survival food. This is a movie that if you are down deep in a bunker for 15 years, you coulds watch it over and over and over and over and over a hundred times. Every time I watches it I see something new. The acting is well done like a good steak. No one will ever guess the killer even if you have seen it 3 times because it just messes up you head like bad drugs! The lead guy that has been in some of my favorite porn movies can act as good as Charlie Sheen, Denzeel Washington, or Chuck Norris. He is that good! There are some really hot girls in this movie and I mean girls that can melt the tuna skin off a Siamese cat! AND, you get to see ALL of there tidbits, if you know what I'm saying. They is some funny stuff to in this movie. Since they is full front boy and girl nudity little kids below the age of 12 should not watch it without some bodys permission because the sex scenes are almost porn. I luv this movie!

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