Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip


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Eddie Deezen Photo
Eddie Deezen as Mandark / Executive Mandark / Overlord Mandark / Braindark
Tom Kenny Photo
Tom Kenny as Curator / Village Man / Robot #2 / Computer / Man
Kath Soucie Photo
Kath Soucie as Mom / Head Secretary
Jeff Bennett Photo
Jeff Bennett as Action Dexter / Mandark Robot / Dad / Robot #1 / Officer 9412
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman8 / 10

For me, this special was the ending of the "Dexter's Laboratory" series

I consider this television special to be the real ending of the "Dexter's Laboratory" cartoon. It gave an appropriate closure to the Dexter/Mandark rivalry showing their respective futures in an almost "epic" scale.

Is a completely satisfying resolution, so there is no need to watch any of the episodes that were produced after this (I'm talking about the episodes from the last two seasons that were made without Genndy Tartakovsky which were awful, had boring plots and a horrible animation style.)

This movie was cool and well made, and it was very entertaining to watch, having all the good elements that made the series popular in first place. And the funny ending, after all the seriousness was a nice touch in my opinion.

Reviewed by GiraffeDoor8 / 10

Rick and Morty 25 years before Rick and Morty.

Fascinating time travel adventure that you could think about for days afterwood.

Maybe a bit much for someone not familiar with the character, but it makes perhaps the best feature length outing the fans could have wished for since something schmaltzy would be so off-brand. A TV movie and feels like it but it's perfect in that regard.

The anything-goes, science fiction humour of the series is perfectly judged as the narrative takes us from dystopia to utopia using fantastic back grounds, captivating design and technology and four immensely different versions of the same character collaborating for an epic climax worthy of Futurama of Rick and Morty.

it's funny and also rather frightening. That torture scene...

Reviewed by Theraxorterminate7 / 10

The "real" ending to Dexter's Laboratory.

"Spoiler free review"

I think all the fans and I should know that this was intended to be the very last of the series as of what Genndy Tartakovsky wanted. I loved Dexter's Laboratory when I was young even though I always got mad at DeeDee whenever she destroyed something for Dexter, but luckily we don't get to see her much in the whole movie.

But the first time I saw this movie when I was 7 I think, I thought the movie was too awesome and wanted to see it again and again. Watching it again I could still feel the awesomeness but at the same time I could see clearly how the movie got some flaws. The flaws isn't exactly annoying or horrible to watch, but because of it's time limit it will likely not explain everything.

The animation itself is as the series very good and concentrated. Genndy and the crew did a very good job to make sure the movie still had the same feeling as the series. The story itself is quite different but a good story boarding to tell how the young Dexter decides to see the one who saved the future which of course he believe he did it. But suddenly comes across with the other Dexter's of himself in the future. The adult or wimpy Dexter, the old Dexter and of course the Action Dexter (Suddenly Dexter became rugged as his favorite TV-hero Action Hank). They were all different except still having their genius intelligence. The music is more epic and loyal to Dexter on his personal mission.

As what I said about the flaws, the problem of the story might be of it's time limit. If only the movie were longer I think it would make the movie more interesting and deeper to the time traveling and the older Dexter's life. It also lacked some characters but I guess that Genndy were mostly concentrating on the Dexter and Mandark rivalry. Concentrating on the older Dexter's they might give you a different feeling to them like they are the supporting characters instead of they are the original Dexter. Some people were criticizing about the lack of humor, in my opinion I found the humor to be enough to entertain myself with the way Dexter's Lab is. The old Dexter was the funniest character in the whole movie.

So all in all this less than 50 minutes movie was still entertaining and is definitely a more loyal and good ending to one of Cartoon Network's masterpieces. Despite it's flaws I still think the movie is worth watching how many times you want, but you definitely need to be a Dexter's Lab fan and you must have some philosophical interests especially when it comes to time traveling. Not perfect but a perfect ending and premise to the series.

"A little comment to CommonSenseMedia"

(The movie itself is not sexist at all and just because of it's beginning it doesn't make the whole movie sexist and inappropriate to children. It's not trippy either. I think that you should not worry so much about what the movie gives. This movie is at least not to bad to show the children. And maybe the movie indeed is aimed for young boys but there are girls that can as well enjoy it too.)

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