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Wes Bentley as Royce
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Scott Speedman as Dexter
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Taryn Manning as Matilda
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Matt Frewer as Jason Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo6 / 10

"You know your problem is you have no ambitions."

As for a stoner black comedy, the Canadian made "Weirdsville" is as customary as you can get in how it goes about trying to weird you out. Of course what happens is random, wacky and just bizarre (encounters with Satanists and dwarfs),but not too surprising when compared to films of the same ilk. Even so, I found it hard not to enjoy. Mainly for the combination between Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley, who work off each well enough of as the two junkies involved in a crazy night of unimaginable incidents. Speedman plays it mainly straight, where Bentley is rowdy. But the two have some amusing banter and interchanges thanks to a ridiculous, but restlessly smart script. Taryn Manning as the third wheel adds the bite.

Stoner Dexter and Royce accidentally assume their friend Matilda has died from an overdose on the stash they are meant to sell to payback their drug dealers. In the panic of the situation they decide to bury the body. While in the process of burying her in the basement of a drive-in movie theatre, they disrupt a satanic ritual sacrifice and Matilda awakens making the Satanists believe it's the work of Satan. Now the boys are trying to get to her before the Satanists do, while also trying to pull off a heist to pay back their intimidating dealer.

As expected, everything goes wrong for these two slackers. Just like the scene where Speedman's character heads to a grungy toilet to vomit to see a mouse swimming helplessly around bowl and Bentley's character enter to only flush it. The two are stuck in a predicament, which has no easy way out but to simply go all-out and what occurs is haphazard. Director Allan Moyle's style is reminiscent of his previous efforts in "Pump up the Volume" and "Empire Records", but on a cheaper feel. At times it feels like a home video. Still Moyle shows great pacing and flashy touches, as the visuals show some creativity, especially the drug- fuelled hallucinations and this suit's the fragmented style of the unusual narrative with numerous droll characters (Matt Frewer is very amusing in his small part). Still it could have been much weirder than what it was.

"Hey man. You have an icicle sticking out of your head."

Reviewed by da_flipboy8 / 10

Are junkies really this pleasant?

WARNING: This movie is unapologetically Canadian... which, in this case, is a good thing. Especially when this film could have been set in any city, town or village in the world.

I expected a low-budget, independent attempt at art. And what starts as out tragic and dark, grows into a fun, "what can happen now" sort of adventure that is surprisingly amusing. Yes, it's goofy at times. Yes, it borders on ridiculous, too. But dammit, it's fun. It carefully dances on the fine line of gross tragedy and outright slapstick, but doesn't quite cross the line either way.

The production value is fairly high, even if the budget wasn't. (The gritty darkness really suits the adventures of two junkies, anyway.) Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley build a real chemistry that grows on you and it's really good to see Bentley in a role that is FINALLY likable. Taryn Manning also does a good job, although I fear she's going to get pigeon-holed into similar roles. She deserves better. The rest of the cast does a solid job with no obvious weak link.

Finally, people are going to draw a lot of similarities to other movies. I would like to think of this as a strange cross between "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" and "Dude, Where's My Car?", with it leaning favourably toward the Dude side. It has a couple of introspective, deep moments, but balances it out with lighter, playful moments the rest of the time.

Really, if you ever "got the joke" of "Dude, Where's My Car?" or even found some sick humour out of the head trip of "Fear And Loathing..." check out "Weirdsville". You may be pleasantly surprised. 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10


Slacker buddies Dexter Ryan (Scott Speedman) and Royce Gordon (Wes Bentley) are forced to sell drugs for Omar to pay off a drug debt. Royce's girlfriend Matilda (Taryn Manning) dies from an OD and the boys dispose of the body in the basement of a closed drive-in theater. A Satanic cult kills a guy upstairs and decides to kill the boys to use all four bodies. Instead, Matilda is revived and the trio escapes the cult. With Omar looking for his money, the boys decide to steal a safe from Jason Taylor (Matt Frewer).

Giving drugs to drug addicts for the purpose of selling to repay their debt to you seems to be a horrible idea. I'm just saying. Anyways, this Canadian indie is trying to be low grade Trainspotting with a dash of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. It is low grade and the product has been stepped on a lot. It can be seen in the fight between the blonde and the midget. It should be the most ridiculous visual fun. Instead, the directing lacks the energy to drive up the intensity. This has all the intentions and it has some good actors. It's just not as good as it wants to be.

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