Demons from Her Past


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Alexandra Paul as Allison Buchanan
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Cynthia Gibb as Marilyn Baxter
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Kate Drummond as Cafe Patron
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Rob Stewart as K.C. Hollings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

Allie Versus Her Bully Boys in Gilroy

After 25 years, Allison "Allie" Buchanan returns home to Gilroy for the funeral of her grandmother. But she is also determined on settling the score with three bullies from her high school years. On a country road, Allie was driving with her friends who were intoxicated. The wheel was taken from her by one of the drunken boys, the Buick veered, and young Patrick Jason Connelly was killed while riding his bycycle. The boys ran from the scene, then banded together to assign the blame to Allie.

After spending three years in prison for manslaughter, Allie has brooded for years about being scapegoated. Finally, she has decided to right the wrong against K.C., Jeremy, and Quentin. The linchpin of the group is K.C., who is an aspiring politician. Jeremy has become a successful physician and is planning a wedding to Brigitte, a former Miss Pennsylvania. The local sheriff, Ray Baxter, is in the back pocket of K.C. for getting him off the hook for stealing money after a drug bust.

The wild card in the equation is the guilt-ridden Quentin, the younger brother of Ray. Quentin was the best friend of Allie. Tortured for years with the guilt of betrayal, Quentin vows to make a statement proclaiming Allie's innocence. But he is knocked into a coma by Ellie, K.C.'s ambitious wife, then administered a lethal injection by Jeremy.

The most interesting character development in the film is that of the sheriff, Ray. Due to his honest and decent wife, Marilyn, Ray has a change of heart that leads to a remarkable transformation. The actor was outstanding in revealing the gradual change that came over Ray as a matter of conscience.

The demons of the past in Gilroy are exorcised due to the tenacity of Allie and the fortitude of Marilyn. The resolve of Allie and Marilyn is no match for the corrupt bully boys of Gilroy. The deep, dark secrets of the past are finally brought out to the open. There is a sense of redemption for the rule of law and decency due to the strength of two strong women.

Reviewed by phd_travel5 / 10

Ho hum

I like Alexandra Paul's Lifetime movies. This one is about average though. A couple of boys cause a girl to crash a cat and kill a young kid. They flee and leave her to take the fall which she does. Years later she comes back to town and proceeds to get them to fess up. Not that convincing how the sheriff changed to a good guy.

Ok but nothing special.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho6 / 10

Death Took Her Away and Got Her Back to Gilroy

Allison (Alexandra Paul) returns from Paris to her hometown Gilroy for the funeral of her grandmother after an absence of twenty-five years. On 10 July 1981, while driving her car on the road with her friends Quentin (John Ralston) and K.C. (Rob Stewart) that are drinking beer supplied by Quentin's brother Ray (Michael Woods),the wasted K.C. takes the wheel from Alison and steps on the accelerator, hitting and killing the boy Patrick Jason Connelly. However, they leave the crime scene; call their mate Jeremy (Kevin Jubinville) to give an alibi and commit perjury in the trial, telling that they were playing football and Allison was driving alone. She is convicted and spends three years in prison, destroying her life. Now that her grandmother is gone, Allison wants to prove her innocence and clear her name, but Ray is the local Sheriff; Jeremy is the director of the hospital; and K.C. is running the elections for senator. Quentin becomes the hope of Allison to get a confession and achieve her objective, but K.C., his wife Ellie (Sophie Gendron) and Jeremy decide to silence Allison.

"Demons from He Past" has an interesting premise – an innocent woman that decides to clear her name. The beginning of the story is intriguing, disclosing the present and the past of Allison. However, in a certain moment the story becomes a predictable television movie with the usual collection of clichés, one-dimensional characters and absurd situations, like the naiveness of Allison or the attitude of Jeremy as a doctor. Nevertheless, "Demons of Her Past" entertains and is not a bad movie, and the beautiful Alexandra Paul has a good performance. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Passado Negro" ("Dark Past")

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